Canadian music stars who deceased at age 43

Here are 4 famous musicians from Canada died at 43:

John Candy

John Candy (October 31, 1950 Newmarket-March 4, 1994 Durango) a.k.a. John Franklin Candy was a Canadian actor, comedian, television producer, screenwriter and voice actor. His children are Jennifer Candy and Christopher Candy.

Candy began his acting career with the Toronto branch of Second City in the 1970s and later moved on to work on the Second City Television (SCTV) sketch comedy show. He gained popularity in the United States with his roles in films such as “Stripes”, “Splash”, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” and “Uncle Buck”.

In addition to his film work, Candy also did voice work for several animated films, including “The Great Mouse Detective”, “The Rescuers Down Under” and “Cool Runnings”. He also produced and co-wrote the film “Only the Lonely”.

Candy was known for his ability to play lovable, bumbling characters and his quick wit. He was a beloved figure in the entertainment industry and his death was a great loss to fans all over the world. Despite his untimely passing, his legacy continues to inspire new generations of comedians and actors.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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JoAnn Wilson

JoAnn Wilson (August 21, 1939 Osage-January 21, 1983 Regina) was a Canadian personality.

JoAnn Wilson was an accomplished broadcast journalist, being one of the first women to anchor a national news program in Canada. She started her career as a secretary for a radio station and worked her way up to become a newsreader, hosting her own show, "The JoAnn Wilson Show". She was known for her tenacity as a reporter and her ability to get to the heart of a story. Not only was she a trailblazer for women in journalism, but she was also a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness. After her untimely death, the JoAnn Wilson Memorial Trust was established to provide funding for mental health research and treatment. Her legacy as a respected journalist and compassionate humanitarian remains an important part of Canadian history.

She died caused by firearm.

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Charles Garnier

Charles Garnier (May 25, 1606 Paris-December 7, 1649 Sainte-Marie among the Hurons) was a Canadian personality.

Charles Garnier was a Jesuit missionary who traveled to Canada to preach Christianity to the Huron people. He arrived in Quebec City in 1636 and was quickly sent to work with the Hurons. Garnier was known for his determination to spread the word of God and his willingness to live among the Huron people. He learned their language and customs and was respected by the community. Garnier's work was not without danger, as he was living in a territory subject to attacks by the Iroquois. On December 7, 1649, while visiting a neighboring village, Garnier was killed during an Iroquois attack. He was declared a martyr by the Catholic Church and later canonized as a saint. Garnier's legacy lives on, as he played a significant role in the history of the Huron-Wendat nation and the spread of Christianity in Canada.

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Lenny Breau

Lenny Breau (August 5, 1941 Auburn-August 12, 1984 Los Angeles) also known as Breau, Lenny, Leonard Harold Breau, Lenny or Lone Pine, Jr. was a Canadian musician, songwriter, guitarist and music teacher.

His albums: Standard Brands (feat. Chet Atkins), Boy Wonder, The Velvet Touch of Lenny Breau: Live!, Guitar Sounds From Lenny Breau, Minors Aloud, Chance Meeting, When Lightn' Strikes, Last Sessions, The Hallmark Sessions and The Complete Living Room Tapes. Genres: Jazz, Classical music, Flamenco and Country.

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