Chilean movie stars died in 1985

Here are 1 famous actors from Chile died in 1985:

Tito Davison

Tito Davison (November 14, 1912 Chillán-March 21, 1985 Mexico City) was a Chilean film director, screenwriter, actor and writer. His child is called Ricardo Alfredo Davison.

Tito Davison began his career in film as an actor and went on to write and direct several successful Mexican films throughout the 1940s and 1950s. He is best known for his work in the comedy genre, and his films often tackled social and political issues of the time while still entertaining audiences. Davison also wrote several novels and plays in addition to his work in film. He received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Ariel Award for Best Director for his film "El Gran Calavera" in 1950. Davison passed away in Mexico City in 1985, leaving behind a legacy as one of Mexico's most celebrated filmmakers.

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