Chilean movie stars died in Lung Infection

Here are 1 famous actors from Chile died in Lung Infection:

Raúl Ruiz

Raúl Ruiz (July 25, 1941 Puerto Montt-August 19, 2011 Paris) also known as Raúl Ernesto Ruiz Pino, Raul Ruiz, Raúl Ruis, Raul Ruíz, Raoul Ruiz or Raul Ruiz Pino was a Chilean film director, screenwriter, television director, writer, film producer, film editor, actor, cinematographer and production designer.

Ruiz was a prolific filmmaker known for his experimental and surreal style, and his films often explored philosophical, political and cultural themes. He began his career in Chile, where he made several acclaimed films, including "Three Sad Tigers" and "The Expropriation". However, he was forced into exile after the military coup in 1973 and spent most of the rest of his life in France.

In France, Ruiz continued to work as a filmmaker, making films in both French and Spanish. He became a leading figure in the French film industry, and his work was recognized with numerous awards, including the National Order of Merit and the Legion of Honour.

Throughout his career, Ruiz made over 100 films, ranging from feature-length dramas to short experimental films. His work has been praised for its imaginative use of symbolism, its playful sense of humor, and its exploration of the subconscious mind. Ruiz died in 2011 at the age of 70, but his films continue to be celebrated by cinephiles around the world.

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