Chilean musicians died at 27

Here are 1 famous musicians from Chile died at 27:

Luis Carrera

Luis Carrera (April 5, 1791 Santiago-April 8, 1818 Mendoza) also known as José Luis Carrera was a Chilean personality.

Luis Carrera was part of the prominent Carrera family, who were renowned for their involvement in Chilean politics during the 19th century. He was the younger brother of Juan José and José Miguel Carrera, who were both important figures in the Chilean War of Independence. Like his brothers, Luis was an active participant in the struggle for independence and played a significant role in several battles against royalist forces. However, his life was cut short when he was captured by Spanish forces in Mendoza and executed by firing squad at the young age of 27. His execution was seen as a significant loss to the Chilean Independence movement, and he is remembered as a hero who gave his life for his country's freedom.

He died caused by execution by firing squad.

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