Chilean musicians died at 47

Here are 2 famous musicians from Chile died at 47:

Alonso de Ovalle

Alonso de Ovalle (July 27, 1603 Chile-May 1, 1651) was a Chilean personality.

Born in Santiago, Chile, Alonso de Ovalle was the son of a Spanish immigrant and a member of the Chilean Criollo aristocracy. He attended the Jesuit college in Santiago and later travelled to Europe, where he studied in Rome and Paris.

As a writer, de Ovalle is most famous for his historical and geographical works on Chile and Peru. In 1646, he published "Historica relacion del Reyno de Chile", which has been described as the first comprehensive history of Chile. The work contains detailed descriptions of the indigenous peoples of Chile, their customs and beliefs, and their encounters with the Spanish colonizers. His work was influential in shaping the early Spanish colonial history of Chile.

Apart from his historical works, de Ovalle also wrote poetry, including "La Araucana ridiculizada," a satire of the epic poem by Alonso de Ercilla.

De Ovalle was ordained a priest in 1637, and he spent his later years in Peru, where he served as a missionary and wrote extensively on the history and geography of that country. He died in Lima in 1651 at the age of 47.

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Buenaventura Cousiño Jorquera

Buenaventura Cousiño Jorquera (July 18, 1808 Renca-December 29, 1855) was a Chilean personality.

Buenaventura Cousiño Jorquera was a Chilean businessman and one of the richest men in Chile during the mid-nineteenth century. He was the founder of the Cousiño-Macul Vineyard, which became one of the largest wine producers in Chile. In addition to his involvement in the wine industry, Cousiño Jorquera was also involved in mining and owned a copper mine in Chañarcillo. He was known for his philanthropic work and donated funds for the construction of schools, hospitals, and churches. He was married to Isidora Goyenechea, who inherited her family's fortune and together they became one of the wealthiest couples in Chile. After his death, his wife continued his philanthropic work and built the Palacio Cousiño, a grand mansion in Santiago that is now a national monument.

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