Chilean musicians died at 62

Here are 4 famous musicians from Chile died at 62:

Pedro Lemebel

Pedro Lemebel (November 21, 1952 Santiago-January 23, 2015) was a Chilean writer, novelist and essayist.

He died in cancer.

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George Robledo

George Robledo (April 14, 1926 Iquique-April 1, 1989 Viña del Mar) was a Chilean personality.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Ana Echazarreta

Ana Echazarreta (April 5, 1865-May 25, 1927) also known as First lady Ana Echazarreta was a Chilean personality.

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Carlos Muñoz Pizarro

Carlos Muñoz Pizarro (September 25, 1913 Coquimbo-May 12, 1976 New York City) was a Chilean personality.

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