Chilean musicians died in Assassination

Here are 1 famous musicians from Chile died in Assassination:

Víctor Jara

Víctor Jara (September 28, 1932 Lonquén-September 15, 1973 Santiago) also known as Victor Jara or Jara, Víctor was a Chilean singer, poet, songwriter, theatre director, teacher, social activist, singer-songwriter and musician.

His albums include La Poblacion, Complete (disc 1), El Derecho de Vivir En Paz & La Poblacion, Canto a Lo Humano, El Verso Es Una Paloma, Canto libre, Antología musical (disc 1), El Derecho de Vivir En Paz, En México, Serie de oro: Grandes éxitos and 20 Años Después. Genres he performed: Latin American music, Folk music, Andean music and Nueva canción.

As a prominent figure in the Chilean Nueva canción movement, Jara used his music to raise awareness and promote social change. He was a supporter of Salvador Allende and the Popular Unity coalition, which led to his arrest and imprisonment after the military coup in 1973. Jara was brutally tortured and murdered by the Chilean military, which turned him into a symbol of the struggle against human rights abuses in Chile. Even after his death, his songs continued to inspire and influence generations of Latin American musicians and activists. In 2009, a Chilean judge officially charged eight retired army officers with Jara's murder, and in 2018, his family received a settlement from the Chilean government for his wrongful death.

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