Chinese actors who were born in 1933

Here are 6 famous actors from China were born in 1933:

Kelly Lai Chen

Kelly Lai Chen (September 3, 1933 Shanghai-) also known as Lai Chen or Zhen Lei is a Chinese actor.

He started his acting career with the Shaw Brothers in the 1960s and was known for his roles in martial arts films such as "The Sword and the Lute" and "The Magic Blade". Chen later transitioned to television and starred in the popular series "The Return of the Condor Heroes" and "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils". He is considered as one of the most prominent actors in the Hong Kong and Taiwanese entertainment industry. In addition to acting, Chen is also a painter and has exhibited his works in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Bill Tung

Bill Tung (March 30, 1933 Hong Kong-February 22, 2006 Hong Kong) also known as Bill Tung Biu, Piu Tung or Uncle Bill was a Chinese actor and sports commentator. His child is called .

Bill Tung started his career as a jockey in Hong Kong in the 1950s and even won the Hong Kong Derby twice. He retired from horse racing in 1965 and started a career in acting. He became one of the most recognizable faces in Hong Kong cinema, appearing in over 200 films, including many alongside kung-fu legends such as Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.

Aside from his acting career, Tung was also a prominent sports commentator, providing commentary for horse races and other sports events. He was known for his witty and charismatic style, which made him a favorite among sports fans.

In 2006, Tung passed away in Hong Kong at the age of 72 due to liver cancer. He is remembered as a beloved figure in Hong Kong cinema and sports commentary. His son, Kent Tung, is also a sports commentator in Hong Kong.

Kwan Shan

Kwan Shan (April 20, 1933 Shenyang-October 1, 2012 Hong Kong) also known as San Kuan, Kuan Shan, Shan Guan or Shan Kwan was a Chinese actor. He had one child, Rosamund Kwan.

Kwan Shan began his acting career in Taiwan in the 1950s, and later moved to Hong Kong in the 1960s where he became a popular leading actor in the film industry. He appeared in over 150 films throughout his career spanning over five decades, including renowned martial arts films such as "Golden Swallow" and "Come Drink with Me". Kwan Shan also acted in television dramas, such as "The Bund" and "The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung". In addition to acting, he was also a successful producer and director. In 1991, Kwan Shan was awarded the Honorary Award for Outstanding Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards. He passed away at the age of 79 due to lung cancer.

Joseph Koo

Joseph Koo (January 1, 1933 Guangzhou-) also known as Ku Chia Fai, Ku Chia-hui, Joseph Koo Chia Hui, Jiahui Gu, Joseph Koo Kar-Fai, Ku Chia Fei, C.H. Ku, Ku Chia Hui, Joseph Curtis, Moran, Ka-Fai Koo, Ga Fai Goo, Gu Gaa-fai, gu4 jia1 hui1, gu3 gaa1 fai1 or Joseph Koo Kar-Fai, MBE, SBS is a Chinese composer, film score composer, music arranger and actor.

He began his career in the music industry in Hong Kong in the 1950s and has since composed over 500 songs and scores for more than 200 films, television dramas and stage productions. Some of his most popular works include the theme songs for TVB series "The Bund" and "Police Cadet". Koo also acted in a few films in the 1960s before focusing solely on his music career. He has won numerous awards throughout his career, including Best Original Film Song at the Hong Kong Film Awards and has been recognized for his contributions to the music industry with the Medal of Honour by the Hong Kong government in 1996 and the Silver Bauhinia Star in 2000.

Jiasheng Lin

Jiasheng Lin (December 13, 1933-) otherwise known as Manchun Lin is a Chinese actor.

He was born in Harbin, China and began his acting career in 1957, starring in the film "Two Stage Sisters". Lin went on to become a prominent figure in the Chinese film industry and has since appeared in over 100 films. He is known for his roles in films such as "The Blue Kite", "Red Sorghum", "Raise the Red Lantern", and "The Emperor and the Assassin". In addition to his acting career, Lin has also been a professor at the Beijing Film Academy and has taught some of China's most successful actors and actresses.

You Benchang

You Benchang (September 16, 1933 Taizhou-) also known as Yau Boon-Cheong or You Ben-Chang is a Chinese actor.

He is best known for his supporting roles in Hong Kong films during the 1970s and 1980s. You Benchang began his acting career in Taiwan in the 1950s and moved to Hong Kong in the 1970s to work for Shaw Brothers Studio. He appeared in over 150 films in his career, including "The Iron-Fisted Monk," "Five Deadly Venoms," and "The Killer." You Benchang was known for his ability to play both serious and comedic roles, often playing the roles of villains or authority figures. In 1988, he was awarded the Best Supporting Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in "People's Hero."

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