Chinese actors who were born in 1950

Here are 6 famous actors from China were born in 1950:

Yuen Wah

Yuen Wah (September 2, 1950 Hong Kong-) otherwise known as Wah Yuen, Wong Shing, Yu Ha, Wa Yuen, Wah Yu, Tu Hua, Yung Chi, Wah Ko, Yuán Huá, Sam Yuen, Róng Zhì, Jyun4 Waa4, Kai Chi Yung, Yung Kai Chi, Wong Yuen-Wah, Yu Wah, Yuan Hua, Sam Yung, Yung Gai-Chi or W. Yuen is a Chinese actor, choreographer, stunt coordinator, martial artist and stunt performer.

Yuen Wah began his career in the entertainment industry as a stuntman and worked as a stunt double for Jackie Chan in various films in the 1970s. He later transitioned to acting and became known for his roles in martial arts films, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. Some of his notable roles include "Boomer" in "Kung Fu Hustle" (2004), "Landlord" in "Dr. Wai in the Scriptures with No Words" (1996), and "Pizza" in "Infernal Affairs II" (2003).

Aside from acting, Yuen Wah is also a skilled martial artist and has trained in various martial arts styles, including taekwondo, karate, and Wing Chun. He has also worked as a choreographer and stunt coordinator on numerous films, lending his expertise to action scenes and fight sequences. Yuen Wah continues to act and is considered one of the most respected figures in Hong Kong cinema.

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Alan Tam

Alan Tam (August 23, 1950 Hong Kong-) also known as Tan Yong Ling, Tan Yongling, Tam Wing Lun, Tam, Alan, Alan Tam Wing-Lun, Tam Wing-Lun, Lucky Lun, Handsome Lun, Tam Hau Jeung, Principal Tam, Wing-Lun Tam, Principal of the Hong Kong music, Uncle Lun, Principal or Lun Ya is a Chinese singer, actor and film producer. He has one child, Tam Hiu Fung.

Throughout his career, Alan Tam has released over 115 albums and sold over 35 million copies worldwide. He is known for his cantopop hits such as "Love Trap," "Embrace," and "Friends." Alan Tam's music has garnered him numerous accolades including the "CASH Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2012 and he was inducted into the "Hall of Fame" at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation in 2013.

Apart from music, Alan Tam has also excelled in acting with notable film credits such as "The Killer", "Moon Warriors" and "Pedicab Driver." He has won several awards for his acting including Best Actor at the 1991 Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in "Dances with the Dragon."

Tam has been actively involved in charitable and community work, establishing the Alan Tam Charity Foundation in 1988, which has raised over HK$50 million for various charities over the years.

In recent years, Alan Tam has slowed down his music and acting career and shifted his focus on mentoring young talents in the music industry.

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Natalis Chan

Natalis Chan (December 3, 1950 Hong Kong-) also known as Danny Chan, Pak-cheung Chan, Smart, Natalie Chan, Nat Chan, Chan Pak-Cheung, Natalis Chan Pak-Cheung, Bai Qiang Chen, Brother Clever, Chen Bai Xiang, Natalis "Nat" Chan, Lolento Chan, Ah Lek, Chan Bak-Cheung, Chen Pai-Chiang, Chan Pak-Cheong, Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Lolanto Chan, Natalis Chan Bak Cheung, Natalis Chan Pak Cheung, Chen Bia Xiang, Chen Pai Chiang, Natalise Chan, Chen Baixiang or Nat Chan Pak-Cheung is a Chinese film producer, actor, television show host, horse trainer, presenter, screenwriter and singer.

He began his career in the entertainment industry in the early 1970s as a singer and then transitioned to acting in films in the 1980s. Chan has appeared in over 120 films and won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in "A Moment of Romance" in 1991. Along with acting, he also hosted a number of popular television shows in the 1980s and 90s including "Super Trio" and "Enjoy Yourself Tonight". In addition to his success in entertainment, Chan is also a renowned horse trainer and has won numerous awards in equestrian sports. He was inducted into the Hong Kong Horse Racing Walk of Fame in 2008. Despite retiring from acting in 2017, Chan still remains active in the entertainment industry as a film producer and screenwriter.

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Bruce Le

Bruce Le (June 5, 1950 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Wong Kin Lung, Huang Kin Long, 吕小龙, 呂小龍, leoi5 siu2 lung4, Chien Lung Huang, Kin Lung Wong, Lu Siu Lung, Liang Chien-lung, Bruce Li, Kenneth Rivero, Kin Lung Hung, Ho Chung Tao, Bruce Ly, Shao-Lung Lai, Kin Lung Huang, Lee Shiao-Lung, 黃建龍, lú xiǎolóng or Huang Jian Long is a Chinese film director, martial artist, actor, stunt performer and film producer.

He is best known for his roles in martial arts films, including "Enter the Dragon" (1973), "The Big Boss" (1971) and "Fist of Fury" (1972). Born in Hong Kong, Le started practicing martial arts at a young age and became a skilled martial artist. He began his career in the film industry as a stuntman and eventually transitioned to acting. In the late 1970s, he started directing and producing his own films.

Le was often compared to Bruce Lee due to his similar looks and martial arts skills. However, he never intended to imitate Lee and sought to establish his own identity in the martial arts film genre. He continued to work in the film industry throughout the 1980s and 1990s, directing and producing a number of successful films.

In addition to his work in film, Le is also a skilled martial arts teacher and has trained many students in his own style of martial arts. He has also authored several books on martial arts and philosophy. Today, Le is considered a legend in the martial arts film genre and continues to inspire new generations of martial artists and filmmakers.

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Dean Shek

Dean Shek (October 17, 1950 Beijing-) a.k.a. Dean Shek Tin, Shek Tin, Dean Saki, Sek Tin, Shek Tien, Sek Tien, Charlie Shek, Shth Tien, Shia Tien, Shik Tin, Tien Shih, Liu Wei Cheng, Sek6 Tin1, Shí Tiān, Dean Shek Tien, Tian Shi or Shih Tien is a Chinese film producer, actor, film director and screenwriter.

He began his career in the film industry in 1969, working as an assistant director for the Shaw Brothers Studio in Hong Kong. Shek later became an actor and is known for his roles in Hong Kong cinema, appearing in over 250 films. He has also written and directed several films. Some of his notable performances include in the films "A Better Tomorrow" (1986), "God of Gamblers" (1989), and "The Killer" (1989). In addition to his work in film, Shek has also made appearances in television dramas and variety shows. He is considered a veteran of the Hong Kong film industry and is known for his comedic and dramatic performances.

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Lowell Lo

Lowell Lo (October 12, 1950 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Lowell Lo Koon-Ting, Lo Koon-Ting, Koon-Ting Lo, Lowall Lo, Lowell Lowe, Lo Kung Ting, Lo Koon Ting, 卢冠廷, 盧冠廷, Lú Guàntíng, LoLo, Lo, Lowell, Lo Goon-Ting, Lowell K. Lo or Lo Kung-Ting is a Chinese actor, film score composer, musician, singer-songwriter and composer.

He began his career as a singer in the 1970s, with his debut album "Talking Love" released in 1976. Lo is known for his heavily nuanced lyrics, and his music spans various genres including Cantopop, Rock, Folk and Classical.

Apart from being a successful musician, Lowell Lo has also acted in films such as "Nomad", "Clean My Name, Mr. Coroner!" and "Love in a Fallen City", earning him accolades for his acting skills.

His talent as a composer and songwriter is evident in his works for films such as "A Chinese Ghost Story" and "Rouge". He won the Best Original Film Score Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1988 for his compositions in "Rouge".

Throughout his career, Lowell Lo has released over 30 albums and composed music for more than 70 films. He is considered one of the most versatile and accomplished figures in the Hong Kong music industry.

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