Chinese actors who deceased in 1986

Here are 2 famous actors from China died in 1986:

Tao Jin

Tao Jin (January 22, 1916 Suzhou-September 28, 1986 Guangzhou) also known as JIN Tao or Tiu Gam was a Chinese actor and film director. He had two children, Tao Baili and Tao Lingchang.

Tao Jin started his career in Shanghai in the 1930s, working in stage performances and Chinese films. He became popular during the Golden Age of Chinese Cinema in the 1940s and was famous for his roles in films such as "Three Smiles" (1940), "The Five Lucky Stars" (1940), and "The Great Road" (1949).

In 1950, Tao Jin moved to Hong Kong and later settled in Taiwan where he continued to work in the film industry as an actor and a director. He directed several acclaimed films, including "Locusts and Wild Honey" (1955), "The Hills and the Sea" (1955), and "The Peach Blossom Fan" (1961).

Tao Jin was not only a talented actor and director but also worked as a screenwriter and producer. He won numerous awards throughout his career, including the Golden Horse Award for Best Director for "The Sword and the Lute" (1967).

Tao Jin's contributions to Chinese cinema are highly valued, and he is remembered as one of the pioneers of Chinese cinema whose work had a significant impact on the film industry.

Yangzi Shi

Yangzi Shi (September 9, 1920 Shunde District-September 9, 1986) was a Chinese actor.

He was known for his talent in portraying comedic roles in Chinese films. Shi started his acting career in the 1940s and starred in over a hundred films throughout his career. His most notable works include "Zhou Xuan’s Mother," "The Unofficial Biography of a Turtle," and "Struggle for the Marriage." Shi was also known for his role in the film "Tunnel War," which won the Best Picture Award at the 6th Asian Film Festival. He was awarded the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1959 for his performance in "Breaking the Siege." Shi's contribution to Chinese cinema was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 8th Golden Rooster Awards in 1985.

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