Chinese movie actors deceased in Cancer

Here are 1 famous actors from China died in Cancer:

Eric Flynn

Eric Flynn (December 13, 1939 Hainan-March 4, 2002 Pembrokeshire) also known as Eric William Flynn was a Chinese singer and actor. He had five children, Jerome Flynn, Daniel Flynn, Johnny Flynn, Kerry Flynn and Lillie Flynn.

Eric Flynn was born in Hainan, a province in Southern China. His father was a British Army officer and his mother was Chinese. Eric moved to the UK with his family when he was young and grew up in Hampshire. He started his career as a singer and was signed to Decca Records in the early 1960s. He later transitioned into acting and appeared in several popular British TV shows and films. Some of his notable roles include the TV series "Van der Valk" and the film "The Return of the Musketeers". Eric was married twice and had five children, four of whom went on to become actors themselves. He died in Pembrokeshire, Wales at the age of 62.

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