Chinese movie actors deceased in Emphysema

Here are 2 famous actors from China died in Emphysema:

George Fenneman

George Fenneman (November 10, 1919 Beijing-May 29, 1997 Los Angeles) also known as George Watt Fenneman or George was a Chinese announcer, presenter and actor.

He was born to American parents in Beijing, China, and raised in San Francisco. Fenneman started his career as a radio announcer and made his debut on the show "The Alan Young Show" in 1944. He later became the announcer for "The Jack Benny Program" in 1946, a role he would keep until the program's end in 1955.

Fenneman also hosted the game show "You Bet Your Life" with Groucho Marx from 1950 to 1961. In addition to his work on radio and television, Fenneman appeared in several films including "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and "The Best Man."

He was known for his distinctive voice and delivery, which made him a popular choice as an announcer and host. Fenneman continued working in show business until his death in 1997 at the age of 77.

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Bill Tung

Bill Tung (March 30, 1933 Hong Kong-February 22, 2006 Hong Kong) also known as Bill Tung Biu, Piu Tung or Uncle Bill was a Chinese actor and sports commentator. His child is called .

Bill Tung started his career as a jockey in Hong Kong in the 1950s and even won the Hong Kong Derby twice. He retired from horse racing in 1965 and started a career in acting. He became one of the most recognizable faces in Hong Kong cinema, appearing in over 200 films, including many alongside kung-fu legends such as Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.

Aside from his acting career, Tung was also a prominent sports commentator, providing commentary for horse races and other sports events. He was known for his witty and charismatic style, which made him a favorite among sports fans.

In 2006, Tung passed away in Hong Kong at the age of 72 due to liver cancer. He is remembered as a beloved figure in Hong Kong cinema and sports commentary. His son, Kent Tung, is also a sports commentator in Hong Kong.

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