Costa Rican music stars died at age 78

Here are 1 famous musicians from Costa Rica died at 78:

Emilia Solórzano Alfaro

Emilia Solórzano Alfaro (December 8, 1835 Alajuela-July 18, 1914 San José) was a Costa Rican personality.

She is best known for being a prominent figure in the struggle for Costa Rican women's rights. Emilia Solórzano Alfaro was a feminist who worked tirelessly to promote the education and employment of women, as well as their participation in politics. She was also actively involved in the founding of the country's first feminist newspaper, La Voz de la Mujer. In addition to her feminist work, Solórzano Alfaro was a writer and published several articles on women's rights in local newspapers. She was honored with the title of "Benemérita de la Patria" (Merit of the Fatherland) after her death in 1914. Emilia Solórzano Alfaro remains an important figure in Costa Rican history and a symbol of the fight for gender equality.

Solórzano Alfaro was born into a prominent family and received a high level of education, which was unusual for women of her time. She was trained in music, literature, and other areas of the humanities, which allowed her to become a prominent writer and cultural figure in Costa Rica. In addition to her work on women's rights, she was also involved in the country's cultural and social movements, including projects related to health and hygiene. Solórzano Alfaro's legacy as a feminist continues to influence activism in Costa Rica, and she is a celebrated historical figure in the country.

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