Croatian movie actresses died in the year 2007

Here are 1 famous actresses from Croatia died in 2007:

Nela Eržišnik

Nela Eržišnik (June 18, 1922 Banja Luka-August 14, 2007 Zagreb) also known as Nela Erzisnik, Nevenka Maras, N. Erzisnik or Nela Erzisnik-Blazevic was a Croatian actor and comedian.

Eržišnik was born in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was then part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. She began her career in the 1940s, performing as part of a theater group in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She later moved to Zagreb, where she became known for her comedic roles and for her work in radio and television.

Eržišnik was a versatile performer who excelled in both comic and dramatic roles. She appeared in numerous films, including "Tri Ane" (1961), "Mačak pod šljemom" (1963), and "Mrtva trka" (1973). She was also a regular on television, appearing in the popular series "Na slovo, na slovo" and "Seljaci."

Eržišnik was known for her quick wit and her ability to improvise, and she was beloved by audiences for her warmth and humor. She was a recipient of the Vladimir Nazor Award, one of the highest honors for artists in Croatia.

Eržišnik passed away in Zagreb in 2007 at the age of 85. She is fondly remembered as one of Croatia's most talented and beloved performers.

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