Croatian musicians died when they were 76

Here are 1 famous musicians from Croatia died at 76:

Dragomir Čumić

Dragomir Čumić (May 8, 1937 Sirač-November 10, 2013 Belgrade) otherwise known as Drago, Dragomir Cumic-Cuma, Drago Cumic, Drago Cumic Cuma, Dragomir Cuma, Drago Cumic-Cuma, Drago Cuma, Dragomir Cumic Cuma, D. Cuma, Cuma or Drago Čuma was a Croatian actor.

Throughout his career, Dragomir Čumić appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and theater productions. He studied acting in Zagreb and began his career at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb. In 1968, he moved to Belgrade where he continued his acting work and became a member of the Yugoslavian Drama Theater. Some of his notable film roles include "Sutjeska," "Special Education," and "The Written Off Return."

In addition to acting, Čumić was also a painter and writer. He illustrated several books, including a collection of poems by his friend, the poet Vasko Popa. He also authored a book of his own, "Theater and Life," which was published in 2008.

Throughout his life, Dragomir Čumić was known for his wit, humor, and dedication to his craft. He was admired by many of his peers in the acting community and his passing was mourned by fans across the region.

He died caused by cancer.

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