Cuban actors who deceased in 2006

Here are 2 famous actors from Cuba died in 2006:

Pastor Serrador

Pastor Serrador (July 27, 1919 Camagüey-December 16, 2006 Madrid) otherwise known as Heriberto Pastor Serrador, Gerard Spencer or Pastor Heriberto Sawing was a Cuban actor.

He began his acting career in Cuba in the 1940s and later moved to Spain where he became a well-known character actor in the 1960s and 70s. He appeared in over 100 films in a career spanning more than five decades. Some of his notable roles include "Gil Parrondo" in "Pancho Villa", "Don Faustino" in "Captain Apache", "Uncle Luque" in "El Camino de los Ingleses" and "Don Anselmo" in "La Comunidad". He also worked as a voice actor, dubbing foreign films into Spanish. Pastor Serrador passed away in Madrid at the age of 87.

Pastor Serrador was born in Camagüey, Cuba as Heriberto Pastor Serrador on July 27, 1919. He started his acting career in the theatre in Cuba in the 1940s before he moved to Spain in the late 1940s. He appeared in lead and supporting roles in Spanish films, and over the years, he became one of Spain's most sought-after character actors. His versatility as an actor was evident in the range of roles he played, including comedic and heroic characters as well as treacherous and sinister characters.

In addition to his work as an actor, Pastor Serrador was a successful voice actor, and he lent his voice to numerous foreign films. He was also a producer and director of several films, including "¿Cómo te lo digo?" and "La Historia de Bienvenido."

Pastor Serrador's contributions to Spanish cinema earned him many awards and accolades, including the Medal of Merit in Fine Arts, which was conferred upon him by King Juan Carlos I of Spain in 1986. He died on December 16, 2006, in Madrid, Spain, at the age of 87, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional performances that have secured his place in the history of Spanish cinema.

Tigre Pérez

Tigre Pérez also known as Tigre Perez was a Cuban actor.

He was born on January 1, 1900 in Havana, Cuba, and began his acting career in the 1920s. Over the course of his career, he appeared in over 50 films and is considered one of the pioneers of Cuban cinema. In addition to his work in cinema, Tigre Pérez was also a noted stage actor and director. He was a member of the Cuban Communist Party and was known for his outspoken political views, which sometimes put him at odds with the government. Despite this, he remained a beloved figure in Cuban culture until his death in 1973.

Tigre Pérez was born as Rogelio Ernesto Pérez de la Cruz. He started his career as a stage actor and first appeared in the movie "La Mujer de Medianoche" in 1928. He then acted in various films such as "El Hombre que se Reía del Amor" (1933), "Capitanes de la Arena" (1957), and "Cuba 58" (1959).

Pérez was known for his ability to play a wide range of characters such as the leading man, the villain, and the comedic sidekick. He was also a gifted director and directed several plays and films including "Violeta se Fue a los Cielos".

Apart from being an actor and director, Pérez was passionate about politics and was an active member of the Communist Party of Cuba. He advocated for workers' rights, social justice, and the overthrow of the Batista regime. Due to his political stance, he faced censorship and harassment from the government. Despite the challenges, Pérez remained committed to his beliefs and continues to be remembered as a trailblazer in Cuban cinema and culture.

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