Cuban actresses who deceased at age 57

Here are 1 famous actresses from Cuba died at 57:

Rita Montaner

Rita Montaner (October 21, 1900 Guanabacoa-April 17, 1958 Havana) also known as Rita Aurelia Montaner Fazenda, Rita de Cuba, Rita Aurelia Fulcida Montaner y Facenda or Montaner, Rita was a Cuban pianist and actor. She had two children, Rolando and Alberto.

Rita Montaner was a legendary figure in the Cuban cultural scene during the first half of the 20th century. She was especially renowned for her performances as an actress and singer in various revues, zarzuelas, and movies. Her infectious personality, electrifying stage presence, and exceptional musical talent made her a beloved and influential artist in Cuba and abroad.

Montaner began her artistic career as a pianist, studying at the National Conservatory of Havana and performing in various salons and theaters. However, it was her charming voice and comedic timing that caught the attention of audiences and producers alike. She quickly became a sought-after performer in Havana's thriving entertainment industry, appearing in popular shows like “El Cabildo” and “Carnival of 1938.”

In addition to her successful stage career, Montaner also appeared in a number of movies, including “Una aventura en la Martinica” and “Cecilia Valdés,” which solidified her status as a national icon. Her signature song, “El Manisero,” became an international sensation and is still widely recognized as a classic Cuban tune.

Despite her incredible talent and fame, Montaner faced significant obstacles as a woman and a person of color in a society marked by racism and sexism. Nevertheless, she refused to be silenced or suppressed, using her platform to advocate for social and political causes and inspire future generations of artists.

Montaner's legacy continues to be celebrated in Cuba and beyond, with numerous honors and tributes dedicated to her memory. Her contributions to the world of music and theater have left an indelible mark on Cuban culture and a lasting inspiration for generations to come.

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