Cuban music stars who deceased at age 50

Here are 1 famous musicians from Cuba died at 50:

Alejandro Oms

Alejandro Oms (March 13, 1896 Cuba-November 5, 1946 Havana) was a Cuban baseball player.

He was known as "Mandingo" and was one of the best Cuban baseball players of all time. Oms played in both the Cuban League and the Negro Leagues in the United States, where he became a star player for the New York Cubans. He was a speedy outfielder with an exceptional arm, and he hit for both power and average. Oms was inducted into the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame in 1964, and in 2006, he was elected to the United States National Baseball Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class of inductees for the Negro Leagues.

Oms was born in Cárdenas, Matanzas Province, Cuba. He began playing baseball at a young age, and by his late teens, he was already a standout player in the Cuban League. Oms played for several teams in Cuba before he was scouted by the New York Cubans in 1923. He played for the New York Cubans for three seasons, leading the team to two Negro National League championships.

Oms returned to Cuba in 1926 and played for several teams in the Cuban League over the next decade. He was a perennial All-Star and was widely regarded as one of the best players in the league. Oms also played for the Cuban national team in several international competitions, including the 1935 Central American and Caribbean Games, where he led the team to a gold medal.

Despite his success in Cuba, Oms is perhaps best remembered for his time in the United States, where he was one of the most electrifying players in the Negro Leagues. His incredible speed, powerful arm, and excellent hitting made him a fan favorite and one of the most feared players in the league.

Oms retired from baseball in 1938 and went on to become a successful businessman in Cuba. He remained involved in baseball as a coach and as an executive for several teams in the Cuban League. Oms passed away in 1946 at the age of 50, but his legacy as one of the greatest Cuban baseball players of all time continues to live on.

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