Czech movie actors died when they were 75

Here are 2 famous actors from Czech Republic died at 75:

Jan Werich

Jan Werich (February 6, 1905 Prague-October 31, 1980 Prague) otherwise known as The Wise Clown, Werich, Y. Verikh, J.W. Rich or Y. Verich was a Czech actor, playwright, screenwriter and writer. His child is called Jana Werichová.

Jan Werich is one of the most prominent figures in Czech cultural history, known for his contribution to the arts in various forms. He began his career as a performer in the avant-garde theater scene in Prague in the 1920s, where he worked with other renowned artists such as Jiří Voskovec and Jaroslav Ježek.

Werich gained national acclaim for his satirical and surrealistic works, including plays, cabarets, and films. He was also a prolific writer, publishing several books of poetry, essays, and short stories. Werich's work often explored themes related to the existential struggles of ordinary people, political satire, and social commentary.

During the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, Werich continued to perform under a pseudonym and became a symbol of resistance against the regime. He was arrested and imprisoned several times, but managed to survive the war.

After World War II, Werich continued to work as an actor and writer, with performances on stage, radio, and in numerous films. He received several prestigious awards for his contributions to Czech culture, including the state awards and the Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

Werich's legacy continues to inspire creative talents in the Czech Republic and beyond to this day.

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Jiří Pleskot

Jiří Pleskot (May 3, 1922 Milostín-December 1, 1997 Prague) otherwise known as Jirí Pleskot or Jiri Pleskot was a Czech actor.

He began his acting career in the 1940s and quickly became a prominent figure in Czech theatre and film. He appeared in over 70 films during his career, including the internationally acclaimed Closely Watched Trains (1966) and Capricious Summer (1968). Pleskot was also a talented stage actor, performing in numerous productions at the prestigious National Theatre in Prague. In addition to his acting work, Pleskot was a respected voiceover artist, lending his voice to many foreign films and television shows that were dubbed for Czech audiences. He was awarded the prestigious Thalia Award for his contributions to Czech theatre and film in 1995, just two years before his death.

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