Czech movie actors died in the year 1986

Here are 1 famous actors from Czech Republic died in 1986:

Oldřich Lipský

Oldřich Lipský (July 4, 1924 Pelhřimov-October 19, 1986 Prague) also known as Oldrich Lipsky or Oldrich Lipský was a Czech film director, screenwriter, writer and actor. He had two children, Ludmila Lipská and Dalibor Lipský.

Lipský studied at Charles University in Prague and began his career as a writer and cartoonist. He later joined the Czechoslovak army in World War II and was imprisoned by the Nazis for two years. After the war, he focused on filmmaking and directed his first feature film in 1952. Lipský was known for his eclectic style and often explored satire and surrealism in his films. He was a part of the Czech New Wave movement in the 1960s and his film Lemonade Joe became a classic of the era. Lipský's films were influential in shaping Czech cinema and he was regarded as one of the country's most innovative filmmakers. He passed away in 1986, leaving behind a legacy of critically acclaimed films that continue to inspire filmmakers today.

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