Czech movie actresses died in the year 1988

Here are 1 famous actresses from Czech Republic died in 1988:

Vlasta Jelínková

Vlasta Jelínková (October 31, 1904 Sadská-October 26, 1988 Prague) also known as V. Jelínková or Anna Jelínková was a Czech actor.

During her career, which spanned over five decades, Jelínková appeared in more than 150 films and TV series. She started her acting career in the 1920s, performing in various stage productions before transitioning to film in the 1930s. One of her most notable performances was in the 1947 film "Marketa Lazarová," which is considered a masterpiece of Czech cinema.

Jelínková also worked as a voice actress and was the first Czech voice of Disney's Snow White. She continued to act in films and on television until the 1980s, with her last appearance being in the TV series "The Life and Death of the Holy Marys" in 1985. Despite her prolific career, Jelínková is often overlooked in discussions of Czech actors and actresses.

In addition to her successful career in acting, Vlasta Jelínková was also an accomplished painter and writer. She painted hundreds of pictures during her lifetime, many of which were exhibited in galleries in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Jelínková also wrote several books, including a collection of short stories and a memoir of her experiences as an actress. Outside of her artistic pursuits, Jelínková was also a dedicated member of the resistance during World War II, participating in anti-Nazi activities and providing assistance to those in need. Despite her many accomplishments, Jelínková spent her final years in relative obscurity, living alone in a small apartment in Prague until her death in 1988. Today, she is remembered as one of the most talented and influential performers in the history of Czech cinema.

Despite Jelínková's achievements and talent, she faced personal struggles throughout her life. She was married twice, both marriages ending in divorce. She also had financial difficulties in her later years, which led her to sell some of her paintings to make ends meet. Nevertheless, she remained devoted to her art and continued to create until the end of her life. Jelínková received several awards and honors for her contributions to Czech culture, including the Order of Merit in 1952 and the title of National Artist in 1984. Her legacy continues to inspire and influence actors, filmmakers, and artists in the Czech Republic and beyond.

Jelínková was born in the town of Sadská, located in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Her father was a railway worker and her mother was a homemaker. Jelínková showed an early interest in the arts, particularly acting, and began performing in local theaters as a teenager. In 1926, she moved to Prague to pursue a career in acting and enrolled at the Prague Conservatory.

Jelínková's early theater work was focused on the avant-garde style of the time, and she quickly gained a reputation as a talented and versatile performer. She appeared in productions across Czechoslovakia, including in the National Theatre in Prague. As she transitioned to film in the 1930s, Jelínková continued to pursue theater work, performing in productions of both classic plays and contemporary works.

During World War II, Jelínková became involved in the resistance movement against the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. She provided assistance to those in need, including food and shelter for Jews and other refugees. Following the end of the war, Jelínková continued her acting career and became increasingly involved in painting and writing.

Jelínková's distinctive voice was one of her most recognizable features, and she lent her talents to several radio programs and animated films. Her work as the Czech voice of Snow White in the Disney film was particularly memorable, and she became a household name in the country.

Despite her many accomplishments, Jelínková remained humble and dedicated to her craft throughout her life. She rarely gave interviews and preferred to let her work speak for itself. Today, she is remembered as a true artist, who used her talents to entertain, inspire and uplift audiences throughout the Czech Republic and beyond.

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