Czechoslovakian movie stars died at 74

Here are 1 famous actors from Czechoslovakia died at 74:

Berthold Bartosch

Berthold Bartosch (December 29, 1893 Bohemia-November 13, 1968 Paris) also known as Berthold Bartose was a Czechoslovakian actor.

In addition to acting, Bartosch was a pioneering animator and filmmaker. He began his career in animation in the 1920s, creating short films and advertisements using stop-motion techniques. He is best known for his 1930 animated film "L'Idée," which was created using a technique called pinscreen animation, where images are created by manipulating pins to cast shadows. The film won critical acclaim and influenced the development of the animation industry. Bartosch later worked on other notable films, including "The Tale of the Fox" (1937) and "The Light of Asia" (1957). He spent much of his life in France and was considered a leading figure in French animation.

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