Czechoslovakian movie stars died in 1992

Here are 1 famous actors from Czechoslovakia died in 1992:

Otto Šimánek

Otto Šimánek (April 28, 1925 Třešť-May 8, 1992 Prague) a.k.a. Otta Simánek, O. Simánek or Ota Simánek was a Czechoslovakian actor and mime artist. He had one child, Alexandra Šimánková.

Born in Třešť, Czechoslovakia, Otto Šimánek started his acting career at the age of 16 as an opera singer. After World War II, he studied pantomime and joined the Prague Mime Studio. He later became a member of the famous Czech theater ensemble, Divadlo Na zábradlí, where he worked for over 20 years, portraying various comic characters. In addition to his theater work, Šimánek appeared in over 50 films and television shows throughout his career, including the popular TV series "F. L. Věk" and the film "The Firemen's Ball", directed by Miloš Forman. He was known for his distinct voice and physical comedy, which made him a beloved figure in Czechoslovakia. Otto Šimánek passed away in Prague on May 8, 1992, and his legacy in Czech theater and film still lives on today.

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