Czechoslovakian movie stars died in 1999

Here are 1 famous actors from Czechoslovakia died in 1999:

Miloslav Holub

Miloslav Holub (February 27, 1915 Běchovice-March 12, 1999 Ostrava) also known as Miroslav Holub was a Czechoslovakian actor.

In addition to his acting career, Miloslav Holub was also a renowned film director, screenwriter, and drama teacher. He studied at the State Conservatory in Prague and later became a member of the avant-garde theater group "Devětsil". During World War II, he was forced to work in a labor camp in Germany. However, he was able to escape and made his way back to Czechoslovakia.

After the war, Holub became a prominent figure in Czechoslovakian theater, both as an actor and director. He also appeared in several Czech films throughout his career. Additionally, he was a respected writer and poet, publishing numerous collections of poetry and essays.

Holub was recognized for his contributions to Czech culture and was awarded several prestigious awards throughout his life, including the State Prize for Literature and the Medal of Merit.

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