Danish movie stars born in 1951

Here are 6 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1951:

Søren Skjær

Søren Skjær (June 5, 1951 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Sören Skjær is a Danish production designer, actor and screenwriter.

He is most well-known for his work as a production designer on popular Danish films such as "Kærlighed ved første hik" (Love at First Hiccup) and "Afhængighed" (Addiction). Skjær started out his career as an actor in the 1970s, appearing in several Danish television shows and films, before transitioning to production design in the 1990s. He has also written screenplays for films such as "Mørkeleg" (Playing Dark) and has received critical acclaim for his work in the Danish film industry. Skjær continues to work in the industry today, often collaborating with director Martin Strange-Hansen.

Erik Stephensen

Erik Stephensen (July 24, 1951 Denmark-) is a Danish film director, actor and screenwriter.

He began his career in the film industry as an actor in the late 1970s, with his breakthrough performance being in the Danish television series "Matador". In the 1980s, he moved behind the camera and began directing films. He is best known for his work on the films "Mimi og Madammerne" and "Den eneste ene", both of which were critically acclaimed and commercially successful in Denmark. He has also worked on several international projects, including the British film "Bent" and the American film "Music of the Heart". Stephensen is considered one of the most important Danish filmmakers of his generation and has won numerous awards for his work, including several Robert Awards (the Danish equivalent of the Oscars). In addition to his film work, Stephensen is also known for his political activism and has been a vocal supporter of the Danish Social Democratic Party.

Søren Spanning

Søren Spanning (May 30, 1951 Frederiksberg-) also known as Sören Spanning is a Danish actor. He has two children, Rosalinde Mynster and Jasper Spanning.

Spanning attended the National School of Theatre in Copenhagen and has acted in a number of Danish movies and TV series. He gained international recognition for his role in the popular Danish crime drama series "The Killing" (Forbrydelsen), where he played the character Thomas Buch. Spanning has also appeared in several other popular Danish TV series including "Borgen" and "The Bridge".

In addition to his successful acting career, Spanning is also a voice actor and has provided the Danish dubbing for animated films such as "Flushed Away" and "Kung Fu Panda". In his spare time, he enjoys motorcycle riding and he has participated in several long-distance charity rides.

Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen

Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen (December 1, 1951 Aarhus-) also known as Kester, Jarl Friis Mikkelsen, Jarlen or Stig Rossen, Jarl Friis Mikkelsen is a Danish screenwriter, film director, actor and television director. His children are called Isabel Friis-Mikkelsen, Liva Friis-Mikkelsen and Ella Friis-Mikkelsen.

Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen is a highly regarded figure in Danish entertainment industry, who has contributed immensely to the country's film, television and theatre scenes. He began his career in acting in the early 1970s, and quickly established himself as one of the most versatile actors of his generation. He has worked on several stage productions including "Hair", "West Side Story", "The Threepenny Opera" and "A Clockwork Orange".

In the 1980s, Friis-Mikkelsen started focusing on writing and directing, and his critically acclaimed feature films include "Guldregn" (1988), "Mig og Mama Mia" (1989) and "At klappe med een hånd" (2001). He also wrote the screenplays for several Danish TV series including "Taxa", "Rejseholdet", and "Anna Pihl", which were highly popular in Denmark and abroad.

As a television director, Friis-Mikkelsen is best known for his work on the Danish version of the reality show "Survivor" and the hit series "Krøniken". He has received numerous awards for his contributions to the Danish entertainment industry, including the Lauritzen Award, the Robert Award and the Danish Reumert Award. In addition to his work in entertainment, Friis-Mikkelsen is known for his humanitarian efforts, and he has worked with several Danish charities to promote education and social welfare in developing countries.

Rasmus Lyberth

Rasmus Lyberth (August 21, 1951 Maniitsoq-) a.k.a. Rasmus Ole Lyberth or Lyberth, Rasmus is a Danish singer-songwriter, actor and film score composer.

He is best known for his music which is inspired by his Greenlandic roots and showcases the traditional drum dances and throat singing of the Inuit people. Lyberth has released numerous albums over the course of his career, including "Aavakkit" and "Tusaannga" which were both critically acclaimed. In addition to his music career, Lyberth has also acted in several films and television series, including "The Simpsons Movie" and "The Eagle". He has also composed scores for several movies, including "Kautokeino Rebellion" and "Maliglutit". Lyberth is a respected figure in the music industry and a cultural ambassador for the Inuit people.

Michael H. Gelting

Michael H. Gelting (July 13, 1951 Copenhagen-) also known as Michael Gelting is a Danish actor.

He is best known for his supporting roles in various Scandinavian films and television series. Gelting began his acting career in the late 1970s and has since appeared in over 50 films and TV shows. Some of his notable performances include his role in the 2004 film "King's Game" and the TV series "The Killing". In addition to his acting career, Gelting has also worked as a voice actor and has lent his voice to several films and TV shows, including the Danish dubbed version of "Toy Story". Despite his successful acting career, Gelting has managed to maintain a relatively low profile and is known for being private about his personal life.

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