Danish movie stars died in 1999

Here are 3 famous actors from Denmark died in 1999:

Bjørn Spiro

Bjørn Spiro (March 20, 1909 Frederiksberg-June 1, 1999 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

He made his stage debut at the Royal Theatre in 1930 and later appeared in numerous productions for both the Royal Theatre and the Danish National Theatre. Spiro was also a prolific film actor, featuring in over 50 Danish films from the 1930s to the 1980s. He was a beloved figure in Danish entertainment and was awarded several honors throughout his career, including the Order of Dannebrog in 1979. In addition to his acting career, Spiro was also a painter and is remembered as a versatile and multi-talented artist.

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Willy Rathnov

Willy Rathnov (May 13, 1937 Roskilde-August 29, 1999 Denmark) a.k.a. Kaj Willy Rasmussen or Kay Willy Rathnov was a Danish actor. His child is called Charlotte Rathnov.

Rathnov began his acting career in 1959, and went on to appear in over 60 films throughout his career. He was particularly known for his work in comedic roles, and became a beloved figure in Danish cinema. In addition to his film work, Rathnov also appeared in several television shows and stage productions.

Outside of his acting career, Rathnov was politically active and was a member of the Social Democratic Party of Denmark. He was also a vocal advocate for animal rights and supported several animal welfare organizations throughout his life.

Rathnov passed away in 1999 at the age of 62. He left behind a rich legacy in Danish cinema and is considered one of the most iconic comedic actors in the country's history.

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Ole Søltoft

Ole Søltoft (January 8, 1941 Kolding-May 9, 1999 Copenhagen) also known as Ole Soletoth or Ollie Soltoft was a Danish actor.

He began his acting career in the mid-1960s and quickly became a popular figure in Danish cinema. Søltoft was mostly known for his work in sex comedies of the 1970s, such as the "Bedside" series and "Mazurka på sengekanten," which became a cultural phenomenon in Denmark. However, he also appeared in serious dramas and TV shows throughout his career. Søltoft was known for his charming and humorous on-screen persona, and his popularity helped pave the way for the Danish sex film genre. In addition to his acting career, Søltoft was also a successful author and published several books throughout the years. He remained active in the entertainment industry until his death in 1999 at the age of 58.

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