Danish movie stars born in 1950

Here are 6 famous actresses from Denmark were born in 1950:

Vibeke Windeløv

Vibeke Windeløv (December 22, 1950 Frederiksberg-) also known as Vibeke Windelov or 비베케 윈델로브 is a Danish film producer, television producer and actor. She has one child, Sophus K. Windeløv.

Vibeke Windeløv is best known for her collaborations with Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier. They worked together on several critically acclaimed films, including "Europa," "Breaking the Waves," "Dancer in the Dark," and "Dogville." Windeløv has also produced other independent films and TV shows in Denmark and internationally. In addition, she has appeared in a few film and TV productions as an actor. Windeløv was awarded the Nordic Council Film Prize in 1993 for producing the film "The three best things in life," and she received the Danish Film Academy's Honorary Award in 2007 for her contributions to Danish cinema. Beyond her work in the entertainment industry, Windeløv has been involved in various cultural and philanthropic initiatives in Denmark.

Lone Lau

Lone Lau (June 28, 1950 Denmark-) is a Danish actor.

He began his acting career in the late 1970s and gained fame for his role in the TV series "Matador." Lau has appeared in numerous Danish films and television shows, including "The Kingdom" and "The Eagle." In addition to acting, he has also worked as a voice actor, dubbing foreign films and TV shows into Danish. Lau has received several awards for his acting work, including the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 1986 Robert Awards for his role in "Babettes Gæstebud." Outside of his professional life, Lau is an avid sailor and has participated in several sailing competitions.

Ilse Rande

Ilse Rande (June 23, 1950 Denmark-) is a Danish actor.

Ilse Rande is best known for her work on stage, but she also has an extensive film and television career. She has performed with several theater companies across Europe, including the Royal Danish Theatre, where she worked for many years. In addition to her theatrical work, Ilse Rande has appeared in several Danish films and television shows, such as "Borgen," "The Killing," and "The Legacy." She has received critical acclaim for her performances and has won several awards for her work, including the Bodil Award for Best Supporting Actress. Ilse Rande is also an accomplished voice actor and has lent her voice to many audiobooks and animated films.

Jannie Faurschou

Jannie Faurschou (June 10, 1950 Copenhagen-) is a Danish actor.

He studied acting at the National Theatre School in Denmark and made his debut in 1974 in the play "Edderkoppen" at the Royal Danish Theatre. Faurschou has since appeared in numerous stage productions, films and television shows. Some of his notable films include "The Element of Crime" (1984), "Europa" (1991) and "The One and Only" (1999). He has also made appearances in popular television shows such as "Borgen" (2010-2013) and "The Killing" (2007-2012). In addition to his acting career, Faurschou has also been a lecturer at the National Theatre School in Denmark and has directed several stage productions.

Lotte Rømer

Lotte Rømer (December 12, 1950 Denmark-) is a Danish actor and film score composer.

Lotte Rømer began her career in the entertainment industry as an actor in the 1970s. She made her film debut in the movie "Håbet" in 1970 and went on to act in several Danish films and TV series. Alongside her acting career, Rømer also composed music for several notable Danish films and TV productions. She has won multiple awards for her film scores, including the prestigious Robert Award for her work on the score of the 2002 drama film "Elsker dig for evigt". In addition to her work in the film and TV industry, Rømer has also been involved in theater productions and has worked as a voice-over artist for various Danish commercials and documentaries. Rømer is considered one of the most talented and versatile personalities in Danish entertainment industry, with her multifaceted career spanning over four decades.

Hanne Uldal

Hanne Uldal (May 14, 1950 Denmark-) is a Danish singer and actor. She has one child, Mikkel Schrøder Uldal.

Hanne Uldal began her career as a singer in the 1970s, releasing several albums that showcased her unique voice and folk influences. She later transitioned to acting, appearing in both film and television productions in Denmark. Some of her notable roles include the TV series "Taxa" and the film "Idioterne" directed by Lars von Trier. Uldal is also known for her work as a voice actress, lending her voice to numerous animated films and TV shows. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Uldal is also a committed social activist, focusing on issues such as women's rights, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.

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