Danish movie stars died at 54

Here are 1 famous actresses from Denmark died at 54:

Liva Weel

Liva Weel (December 31, 1897 Copenhagen-May 22, 1952 Copenhagen) also known as Olivia Olsen was a Danish singer and actor. She had one child, Jørgen Weel.

Liva Weel first rose to prominence as a theater actress in the 1920s and later became one of the most popular stars of Danish cinema in the 1930s and 1940s. She acted in over 40 Danish films during her career and gained a reputation as a skilled comedic actress. Weel was also an accomplished singer and recorded numerous songs over the course of her career. She was known for her powerful voice and ability to convey emotion through her performances. Weel was a beloved public figure in Denmark, and her performances in films and on stage continue to be celebrated and enjoyed by audiences today.

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