Danish movie stars died in 1968

Here are 1 famous actresses from Denmark died in 1968:

Ingeborg Spangsfeldt

Ingeborg Spangsfeldt (July 25, 1895 Copenhagen-June 21, 1968 Copenhagen) a.k.a. I. Olsen, Ingeborg Olsen, Ingeborg Christiane Margrete Olsen or Christiane Ingeborg Margrete Olsen was a Danish actor.

She made her stage debut in 1915 at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen and went on to appear in over 50 films throughout her career, including "Klovnen" (The Clown) and "Med kærlig hilsen" (With Loving Regards). She was particularly known for her roles in comedies.

In addition to her acting career, Spangsfeldt was an active member of the Danish resistance during World War II. She used her acting skills to pass on messages and smuggle weapons for the movement.

Spangsfeldt was also a dedicated advocate for animal rights and was involved in several animal welfare organizations throughout her life.

After her death in 1968, the Ingeborg Spangsfeldt Foundation was established to provide financial support to actors in Denmark.

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