Danish musicians born in 1964

Here are 8 famous musicians from Denmark were born in 1964:

Paprika Steen

Paprika Steen (November 3, 1964 Frederiksberg-) also known as Paprika Kirstine Steen or Kirstine Steen is a Danish actor and film director. Her child is called Otto Leonardo Steen Rieks.

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Lars Mikkelsen

Lars Mikkelsen (May 6, 1964 Gladsaxe Municipality-) also known as Lars Dittmann Mikkelsen, Lars Dittmann Andersen, Lars D. Mikkelsen, Lars Ditmann Mikkelsen or Lars Dittman Mikkelsen is a Danish actor. He has two children, Thor Mikkelsen and Lue Mikkelsen.

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Gry Johansen

Gry Johansen (August 28, 1964-) a.k.a. Gry Meilstrup or Meilstrup, Gry is a Danish singer.

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Peter Frödin

Peter Frödin (January 7, 1964 Copenhagen-) a.k.a. Peter Frodin, Peter Frødin, Det Brune Punktum, Frödin, Peter or Peter Froedin is a Danish actor, comedian and singer-songwriter.

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Jette Torp

Jette Torp (December 16, 1964 Denmark-) is a Danish , . Her child is Sofie Torp.

Her most recognized albums: New Tracks, Past the Point of Rescue, Snowflakes in fire, What if I do and Here I Am.

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Thomas Helmig

Thomas Helmig (February 15, 1964 Aarhus-) is a Danish singer and musician. His children are called Hugo Helmig and Ida Marie Helmig.

His albums include Dream, El Camino, Groovy Day, IsItYouIsItMe, Løvens Hjerte, Rhythm, Say When, Stupid Man, Vejen Væk and Wanted. Genres he performed include Soul music.

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Christina Rosenvinge

Christina Rosenvinge (May 29, 1964 Madrid-) also known as Rosenvinge, Christina, Álex y Cristina, Álex y Christina, Alex y Cristina or Christina Rosenvinge Hepworth is a Danish presenter, singer and film score composer.

Her albums: Continental 62, Frozen Pool, Grandes Exitos (92-98) - Alguien Que Cuide De Mi, Cerrado, Flores raras, , , , Verano fatal and Un Caso Sin Resolver.

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Bo Gunge

Bo Gunge (April 22, 1964-) is a Danish , .

His albums: Moon Wedding Songs.

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