Danish musicians born in 1975

Here are 9 famous musicians from Denmark were born in 1975:

Michael Poulsen

Michael Poulsen (April 1, 1975 Slagelse-) a.k.a. Poulsen, Michael is a Danish musician, songwriter, guitarist and singer.

Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Psychobilly, Horror punk, Gothabilly, Groove metal, Death metal and Deathrock.

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Anders Matthesen

Anders Matthesen (July 6, 1975 Østerbro-) a.k.a. Anden, Matthesen, Anders, Anders Mattheson, Jul På Vesterbro, Jul Pa Vesterbro, Anden Matthesen, Anders 'Anden' Matthesen or Steward Stardust M. Fl. is a Danish actor, film director, screenwriter and voice actor. His child is Spencer Matthesen.

Discography: Terkel i knibe, , Jul På Vesterbro and Soevnloes.

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Heidi Mortenson

Heidi Mortenson (August 21, 1975-) a.k.a. Nosnetrom or Mortenson, Heidi is a Danish musician, record producer, singer and composer.

Her albums include and Wired Stuff. Genres she performed: Experimental music, Soul music and Electronica.

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Adam Powers

Adam Powers (May 22, 1975 Maryland-) is a Danish record producer and songwriter.

Genres related to him: Dance music and Pop music.

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DJ Aligator

DJ Aligator (March 10, 1975 Tehran-) also known as Ali Movasat, DJ Alligator or Aligator, DJ is a Danish disc jockey and record producer.

His albums include DJ Aligator (MTV Music History), Infinity, Music Is My Language, The Whistle Song (Blow My Whistle Bitch), Sound of Scandinavia, Music Is My Language, Kiss My B-ass, Payback Time, Starting Over and Next Level. Genres: Trance music, Progressive house, Techno, Eurodance and Electronic music.

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Simon Kvamm

Simon Kvamm (February 18, 1975 Silkeborg-) is a Danish singer, keytarist, actor and screenwriter. His children are called Elinor Kvamm Ellerbæk and Alice Kvamm Ellerbæk.

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Søren Huss

Søren Huss (September 6, 1975 Nyborg-) a.k.a. Huss, Søren is a Danish singer-songwriter, musician and singer. His child is called Ronja Huss.

His albums: and .

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Mani Spinx

Mani Spinx (July 31, 1975 Silkeborg-) is a Danish artist, musician, music artist and visual artist.

His albums: Post Modern Panic Attack.

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Karen (June 20, 1975 Denmark-) also known as Karen Rosenberg or Karen is a Danish actor.

Related albums: En til En, Ingen Smalle Steder, Stiletto and Ballerina.

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