Danish musicians born in 1980

Here are 7 famous musicians from Denmark were born in 1980:

Thomas Bredahl

Thomas Bredahl (November 2, 1980 Herning-) also known as Bredahl, Thomas is a Danish guitarist.

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Rasmus Seebach

Rasmus Seebach (March 28, 1980 Frederiksberg-) also known as Rasmus Seeback is a Danish singer, singer-songwriter and record producer.

His albums include Rasmus Seebach, Mer' end kærlighed, Say You, Say Me, Engel, Rasmus Seebach Live, Falder, Nangijala, Lys i din Lejlighed, Millionær and Mer' end kærlighed. Genres related to him: Pop music.

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Thomas Ring

Thomas Ring (February 17, 1980 Copenhagen-) is a Danish singer.

His albums include Wrong Side of the Daylight and Sideways. Genres related to him: Pop music.

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Simon Lynge

Simon Lynge (January 22, 1980 Holstebro-) is a Danish singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist.

His albums: A Beautiful Way To Drown. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Mads Tolling

Mads Tolling (July 5, 1980 Copenhagen-) is a Danish violinist and composer.

Genres: Classical music.

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Jooks (March 5, 1980-) also known as Johan Forsby, MC Jo or Dr. Jooks MacFive is a Danish rapper.

Discography: .

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Naja Rosa

Naja Rosa (August 5, 1980-) also known as Naja Rosa Koppel is a Danish singer-songwriter.

Her albums include and The Place I Call Home.

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