Danish musicians died before 30

Here are 13 famous musicians from Denmark died before 30:

Barclay Raunkiær

Barclay Raunkiær (November 11, 1889-June 13, 1915) was a Danish writer.

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Christian Bakkerud

Christian Bakkerud (November 3, 1984 Copenhagen-September 11, 2011 Tooting) was a Danish race car driver.

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Ernst Schultz

Ernst Schultz (May 15, 1879 Horsens-June 20, 1906) was a Danish personality.

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Kjeld Nielsen

Kjeld Nielsen (July 26, 1887-February 14, 1910) was a Danish personality.

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Elvira Madigan

Elvira Madigan (December 4, 1867 Flensburg-July 20, 1889 Tåsinge) was a Danish personality.

She died in suicide.

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Bent Faurschou Hviid

Bent Faurschou Hviid (January 7, 1921 Halsnæs Municipality-October 18, 1944 Gentofte Municipality) was a Danish personality.

He died caused by suicide.

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Ulrik of Denmark

Ulrik of Denmark (February 2, 1611 Frederiksborg Palace-August 12, 1633 Świdnica) was a Danish personality.

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Wilhelm Bendz

Wilhelm Bendz (March 20, 1804 Odense-November 14, 1832 Vicenza) was a Danish artist and visual artist.

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Ole Beich

Ole Beich (April 5, 2015 Esbjerg-October 16, 1991 Copenhagen) was a Danish musician.

Genres he performed include Hard rock and Heavy metal.

He died in drowning.

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Michael Strunge

Michael Strunge (June 19, 1958 Hvidovre-March 9, 1986) also known as Michael Strunge Jensen was a Danish poet.

He died caused by suicide.

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Knud Enemark Jensen

Knud Enemark Jensen (November 30, 1936 Aarhus-August 26, 1960 Rome) was a Danish personality.

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Peter Willemoes

Peter Willemoes (May 11, 1783 Denmark-March 22, 1808 Great Belt) was a Danish sailor.

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Anders Lassen

Anders Lassen (September 22, 1920 Copenhagen-April 9, 1945 Comacchio) was a Danish soldier.

He died caused by killed in action.

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