Dominican musicians died when they were 39

Here are 1 famous musicians from Dominican Republic died at 39:

Maria Montez

Maria Montez (June 6, 1912 Barahona-September 7, 1951 Suresnes) also known as Maria Africa Antonia Gracia Vidal de Santo Silas, The Caribbean Cyclone, The Queen of Technicolor, María África Antonia Gracia Vidal de Santo Silas, María Antonia García Vidal de Santo Silas or María África Gracia Vidal was a Dominican actor, model and author. Her child is called Tina Aumont.

Maria Montez was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in poverty. She moved to New York City in her early twenties to pursue a career in acting and modeling. Montez quickly gained popularity for her exotic looks and was cast in several Hollywood films. She became known for her roles in adventure and exotic-themed films, often portraying a seductive but strong female character. Montez was one of the most popular actresses of the 1940s and was known as "The Queen of Technicolor" for her vibrant and colorful roles. Aside from acting, Montez was also a published author, penning the book "Love Pirate" in 1949. Despite her success, Montez struggled with personal issues and died at the age of 39 from a heart attack. Her legacy remains as one of the most iconic and trailblazing actresses of her time.

Montez's rise to stardom was fueled by her striking beauty and unique style. She often wore elaborate costumes and accessories, creating a memorable and exotic on-screen persona. Montez also had a singing voice and often performed musical numbers in her movies. Some of her most popular films include "The Thief of Bagdad" (1940), "Cobra Woman" (1944), and "Sudan" (1945). Montez's success paved the way for other Latina actresses in Hollywood, breaking through barriers of race and ethnicity. In addition to her daughter, Montez was survived by her second husband and frequent co-star, French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont. The two had met while working on the film "Tales of Manhattan" (1942) and went on to make several more movies together. Montez's legacy continues to inspire new generations of actors and performers.

Montez's image also had a significant impact on popular culture, shaping the 1940s pin-up aesthetic with her sensual poses and revealing costumes. Her popularity extended beyond the United States to other parts of the world, particularly in Latin America, where she was a beloved and celebrated figure. Montez's life was also marked by tragedy, as she suffered multiple personal losses, including her first husband's death in a plane crash and her mother's suicide. Despite these challenges, Montez remained dedicated to her craft and continued to pursue her passion for acting until her untimely death in 1951. Her remarkable career and legacy have made her an enduring icon of Hollywood's golden age.

She died caused by myocardial infarction.

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