Dominican musicians died when they were 64

Here are 1 famous musicians from Dominican Republic died at 64:

Luisito Marti

Luisito Marti (February 1, 1945 Villa Duarte-January 3, 2010 Villa Duarte) also known as Luis Bernardo Martí Hernández or Luisito Martí was a Dominican actor, comedian, film producer, television presenter and screenwriter. He had four children, Luisín Martí, Kaki Martí, Omar Martí and Robert Luis Martí.

Luisito Marti started his career as a comedian in the late 1960s, performing in various nightclubs and theaters in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He gained popularity with his distinct style of humor and became a household name in the country. He starred in several movies and television shows, including "La Lengua de las Mariposas," "Entre Nosotros," and "La Cocaína."

In addition to his acting career, Luisito Marti was also a successful film producer and screenwriter. He produced and wrote several movies, including "El Disfraz," "Ponchao," and "El Hombre que Cuida." He was widely recognized for his contributions to the Dominican film industry and was awarded several accolades for his work.

Despite his success, Luisito Marti remained humble and always gave back to his community. He was known for his generosity and regularly donated to charitable causes. His death in 2010 was a great loss to the Dominican Republic and the entertainment industry. His legacy continues to live on through his children and his contributions to Dominican culture.

He died caused by stomach cancer.

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