Dominican musicians died when they were 71

Here are 2 famous musicians from Dominican Republic died at 71:

Buenaventura Báez

Buenaventura Báez (July 14, 1812 Dominican Republic-March 14, 1884 Puerto Rico) a.k.a. Buenaventura Baez was a Dominican politician.

He served as the President of the Dominican Republic on several occasions during the mid-19th century, with his first term beginning in 1849 and his last ending in 1878. Báez was known for his role in the annexation of the Dominican Republic to Spain in 1861 and his subsequent attempts to make the country a protectorate of the United States in 1870. He was also responsible for major infrastructural developments that modernized the Dominican Republic, including building roads, bridges, and public buildings. Despite his many achievements, Báez was a controversial figure who was often criticized for his authoritarian methods of governing and his tendency to make deals with foreign powers that undermined the sovereignty of the Dominican Republic.

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Antonio Guzmán Fernández

Antonio Guzmán Fernández (February 12, 1911 La Vega-July 4, 1982 Santo Domingo) otherwise known as Antonio Guzman Fernandez was a Dominican politician.

Antonio Guzmán Fernandez served as the 47th president of the Dominican Republic from 1978 to 1982. He was a prominent member of the Dominican Revolutionary Party and was instrumental in leading the country towards a democratic government following decades of political instability and military coups. During his presidency, he implemented economic and social reforms and fostered a closer relationship with the United States. However, his term was also marked by an economic crisis and rising inflation, which ultimately led to his resignation in 1982. His death sparked controversy, as there were allegations of foul play and possible involvement by the government at the time. Despite this, Guzmán Fernandez is still held in high regard by many Dominicans for his efforts to promote democracy and stability in the country.

He died as a result of suicide.

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