Dutch actors who were born in 1960

Here are 13 famous actors from Netherlands were born in 1960:

Peter Blok

Peter Blok (April 7, 1960 The Hague-) a.k.a. Peter Stephanus Blok is a Dutch actor, voice actor and screenwriter. His children are called Roos Blok and Saar Blok.

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk (September 8, 1960 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch journalist, presenter and actor. He has two children, Kees van Nieuwkerk and Jet van Nieuwkerk.

Rob Kaman

Rob Kaman (June 5, 1960 Amsterdam-) also known as The Dutchman, Mr. Low Kick or Hammerkick is a Dutch actor and martial artist. He has one child, Gaby Kaman.

Jan Doense

Jan Doense (May 25, 1960 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch film director, actor, film producer and journalist.

Frank Ketelaar

Frank Ketelaar (August 12, 1960 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch television director, screenwriter, film director, actor and television producer.

Dick van den Toorn

Dick van den Toorn (May 13, 1960 Haarlem-) also known as Richard Torn, Dicky van der Toorn, Dicky van de Toorn, Dicky van den Toorn, Dick van der Toorn or Dick van de Toren is a Dutch actor.

Joep van Deudekom

Joep van Deudekom (March 28, 1960 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Deudekom, van, Joep or Joep A. van Deudekom is a Dutch actor, columnist, writer, musician, comedian and television presenter.

Mark Rietman

Mark Rietman (November 28, 1960 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch actor.

Frank Rigter

Frank Rigter (March 27, 1960 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Frank Arthur Rigter is a Dutch actor.

Hans Kesting

Hans Kesting (October 6, 1960 Rotterdam-) is a Dutch actor.

Marc Klein Essink

Marc Klein Essink (March 18, 1960 Bussum-) also known as Mark Klein Essing is a Dutch actor. His children are called Elia and Romy.

Maik de Boer

Maik de Boer (December 24, 1960 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch actor and costume designer.

Peter Heerschop

Peter Heerschop (September 7, 1960 Bussum-) otherwise known as Heerschop, Peter or Petrus Theodorus Heerschop is a Dutch actor, writer, comedian and tv program creator.

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