Dutch actors who were born in 1985

Here are 6 famous actors from Netherlands were born in 1985:

Derk-Jan Warrink

Derk-Jan Warrink (May 4, 1985 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch actor, film producer and television producer.

He began his career in the film industry as a producer, and has since produced several award-winning short and feature-length films. Warrink co-founded the production company Keplerfilm in 2013, which has produced films such as "The Lobster" (2015) and "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" (2017), both directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. Warrink has also worked on several television productions, including the Dutch series "Flikken Rotterdam" and "Penoza". In addition to producing, Warrink has acted in several television shows and films, such as "Aanmodderfakker" (2014) and "Mocro Maffia" (2018).

Warrink studied Film Science at the University of Amsterdam before starting his career in the film industry. He gained recognition for his producing work on the short films "Dòst" (2011) and "Voor Emilia" (2012), both of which won multiple awards at international film festivals. Warrink's work as a producer on "The Lobster" and "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" helped establish him as one of the most successful producers in the Dutch film industry. The former film was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, while the latter won the Best Screenplay award at the festival.

In 2019, Warrink made his directorial debut with the short film "Just Like Me", which was selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. He is also a member of the European Film Academy and the International Documentary Association.

Warrink's success in the film industry has garnered him numerous accolades and recognition. In 2017, he was named as one of Variety's "10 Producers to Watch". The following year, he was awarded the "New Producer Award" at the Netherlands Film Festival for his extensive work in the Dutch film industry. Warrink's ability to produce innovative and critically acclaimed films has not gone unnoticed, and he continues to push boundaries in the industry.

Warrink's passion for bringing unique and challenging stories to the screen has led him to tackle a variety of genres, from dark comedies to crime dramas. His work as a producer on the Dutch crime series "Penoza" helped make it a national hit, and it was later adapted into an American remake entitled "Red Widow". In addition, he worked on the Dutch police drama "Flikken Rotterdam", which was praised for its tense and realistic portrayal of police work.

Warrink is known for his collaborative approach to filmmaking, and has formed a strong working relationship with director Yorgos Lanthimos. The pair first worked together on "Alps" (2011) before going on to produce the critically acclaimed "The Lobster" and "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" together. Both films were praised for their offbeat humor and darkly surreal tone, and helped establish Lanthimos as a major talent in international cinema.

In recent years, Warrink has also become involved in producing documentaries, including "The Last Male on Earth" (2018) and "The Mole Agent" (2020). The latter film was selected as the Chilean entry for Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards.

Despite his success as a producer, Warrink remains committed to acting and has expressed a desire to continue taking on challenging roles. He is known for his ability to create complex and nuanced characters, and has received praise for his performances in television shows such as "Feuten" and "Flikken Maastricht".

Jip Loots

Jip Loots (July 3, 1985 Netherlands-) is a Dutch actor.

Jip Loots was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1985. He attended the Amsterdam School of the Arts and graduated with a degree in Acting. After graduation, Loots began his professional acting career in the Netherlands and has appeared in numerous Dutch television series and films. He is best known for his roles in the series "Flikken Maastricht" and "Brussel."

In addition to acting, Jip Loots is also a stage actor and has performed on various stages in the Netherlands. He has also done voice-over work for several Dutch films and TV shows.

Aside from his career in the entertainment industry, Jip Loots is a dedicated environmentalist and is actively involved in several environmental organizations in the Netherlands. He is also an avid traveler and enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Outside of his work in the Netherlands, Jip Loots has also gained international recognition. He appeared in the American TV series "The Blacklist" and "Homeland." In 2020, he starred in the Dutch film "Liefde op het tweede gezicht" which received critical acclaim at the Netherlands Film Festival. Jip Loots' dedication to his craft and passion for the environment has made him a role model for young actors and activists in the Netherlands. He continues to inspire others with his work and his commitment to making the world a better place.

In addition to his work in film and television, Jip Loots has also had success on stage. He has appeared in various theater productions in the Netherlands, including "Othello" and "Macbeth." Loots has received critical acclaim for his performances and has been nominated for several awards for his work in stage productions.

Aside from acting, Loots is also a talented musician. He is a self-taught guitarist and has written and performed music for several Dutch films and television shows. He is also an active supporter of youth arts programs in the Netherlands, often volunteering his time to teach acting and music to underprivileged youth.

In his personal life, Jip Loots is married to fellow Dutch actress Nina de la Parra. The couple has two children together and reside in Amsterdam. Despite his international success, Loots remains humble and dedicated to his craft, always looking for new and challenging roles to take on.

Additionally, Jip Loots is also a philanthropist who is actively involved in charitable activities. He has supported several charitable organizations in the Netherlands, including the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Dutch Cancer Society. He has also participated in several fundraisers for various causes around the world, including climate change and children's rights.

Furthermore, Jip Loots is a multilingual actor who speaks several languages fluently, including English, Dutch, German, and French. This has allowed him to work on various international projects, allowing him to showcase his talent to a wider audience.

Jip Loots' dedication to his craft, commitment to the environment, and philanthropic activities have earned him several accolades and awards in the entertainment industry. He is deeply respected and admired by his colleagues for his talent and his passion for creating a positive impact in the world.

Boy Prevos

Boy Prevos (January 23, 1985 Geleen-) is a Dutch actor.

He is best known for his role in the Dutch television series "Penoza" and has also appeared in several Dutch films such as "Loft" and "Nova Zembla". Prevos graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2009 and has since acted in various theater productions. In addition to his acting career, he is also a painter and has participated in several art exhibitions in the Netherlands.

Some other notable works of Boy Prevos include his performance in the television series "Flikken Maastricht" and the film "De Bende van Oss". He has also made appearances in international films such as "Black Book" and "The Hitman's Bodyguard". Prevos has received critical acclaim for his acting skills and has been nominated for several awards in the Netherlands. Outside of acting and painting, he is also a singer and has collaborated with Dutch musician Tim Akkerman on the song "Soldier On".

Boy Prevos was born on January 23, 1985, in Geleen, a small city in the south of the Netherlands. He grew up in a creative family, where he was encouraged to pursue his interests in music, painting, and acting from a young age. Prevos was drawn to the arts, and after high school, he decided to pursue a career in acting.

In 2005, Prevos was accepted into the Amsterdam School of the Arts, where he studied acting. During his time at the school, he developed his skills and gained experience by performing in theater productions. He graduated from the school in 2009 with a degree in Acting.

After graduating, Prevos began his professional acting career, working in Dutch theater productions, television shows, and films. He quickly gained recognition for his acting skills and was cast in various notable projects, including the television series "Flikken Maastricht" and the film "De Bende van Oss".

In 2010, Prevos gained widespread recognition for his role in the Dutch television series "Penoza", where he played the character of Lars, a member of a crime family. The series was a massive success in the Netherlands and went on to win several awards. Prevos received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Lars and became a household name in the Netherlands.

Apart from his acting career, Prevos is also a talented painter and has participated in several art exhibitions in the Netherlands. He has showcased his work in renowned art galleries and has garnered attention from art enthusiasts.

In recent years, Prevos has also made appearances in international films, such as "Black Book" and "The Hitman's Bodyguard". He has proven himself to be a versatile actor and has received several nominations and awards for his work.

Besides acting and painting, Prevos is also a singer and has collaborated with Dutch musician Tim Akkerman on the song "Soldier On". With his multifaceted talents, Prevos has become one of the most prolific and respected artists in the Netherlands.

Additionally, Boy Prevos is known for his philanthropic work. He supports several charities, including The Hunger Project, which aims to end world hunger. He also organized a fundraising event for the Dutch National Foundation for Muscular Diseases. Prevos is passionate about using his platform to make a positive impact, and he often uses social media to raise awareness for causes that he supports. Despite his successes, Prevos remains down-to-earth and dedicated to his craft, always striving to improve and challenge himself as an artist.

Chris Zomer

Chris Zomer (November 25, 1985 Haarlem-) also known as Chris Adriaan Zomer is a Dutch actor.

He began his acting career in 2011 with the Dutch film "Lotgenoten". He has since appeared in several Dutch television series such as "Flikken Maastricht", "Celblok H" and "Moordvrouw". In 2018, he starred in the Dutch film "Redbad", which was directed by Roel Reiné. Zomer is also a voice actor and has provided the Dutch voice for several animated characters, including Maui in "Moana" and Gru in "Despicable Me". Outside of his acting career, Zomer is known for his music, particularly in the electronic dance music genre where he performs under the name "Chris Deluxe".

In addition to his acting and music career, Chris Zomer is also a highly skilled martial artist. He began practicing karate at the age of six and by the time he was 14, he had won the World Karate Championship. He has continued to train and compete in various martial arts disciplines, including kickboxing and MMA. Zomer is also a certified personal trainer and has a passion for fitness and wellness. He often shares his workouts and healthy lifestyle tips on his social media accounts. As a philanthropist, Zomer supports several organizations including UNICEF and the Dutch Cancer Society.

In addition to his impressive career as an actor, musician, and martial artist, Chris Zomer is also an accomplished writer. He co-wrote the screenplay for the short film "Niemandsland" which won the Audience Award at the 48 Hour Film Project in Utrecht, Netherlands. He also co-wrote and starred in the short film "Hunters", which was nominated for Best Short Film at the Madrid International Film Festival in 2017. Zomer is fluent in Dutch, English, German, and French, and has used his language skills to work on international film projects. In his free time, Zomer enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures. He has visited over 30 countries around the world, and his experiences have inspired his creative work. Chris Zomer is known for his drive and ambition, and he continues to challenge himself in all aspects of his life.

Chris Zomer was born and raised in Haarlem, Netherlands, and grew up in a family of artists. His mother was a painter and his father was a musician, which exposed Zomer to various forms of art from a young age. He developed an interest in acting and martial arts at an early age and decided to pursue these passions as a career.

After winning several championships in karate and kickboxing, Zomer began training in MMA with the goal of becoming a professional fighter. However, he developed an interest in acting and decided to focus on that instead. He attended the Amsterdam School of the Arts and received a degree in acting.

Aside from his on-screen work, Zomer is also involved in theater productions. He has performed in various plays, including "Romeo and Juliet" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Zomer is also passionate about writing and has written several screenplays for films and TV shows.

In addition to his entertainment career, Zomer is an advocate for mental health awareness. He has openly discussed his struggles with anxiety and depression and has spoken about the importance of seeking help for mental health issues. He is an active supporter of organizations that work towards mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

With his diverse skills and interests, Chris Zomer is a versatile artist who continues to leave an impact in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Dennis Storm

Dennis Storm (June 24, 1985 The Hague-) is a Dutch actor.

He is best known for his work as a presenter on Dutch television. Storm first gained prominence after winning the talent show "Jongerenprogramma" in 2003. He went on to host a number of popular Dutch TV shows, including "3 op Reis" and "Proefkonijnen". Storm has also written a book and appeared in a number of films and television series. In addition to his work onscreen, he is also an avid traveler and has visited numerous countries around the world. Storm is known for his adventurous spirit and has completed a number of challenging feats, including swimming across an icy lake and spending a night in an igloo. He is married and has two children.

Storm started his career as a presenter on the Dutch music channel TMF in 2005, hosting various shows and specials. He then joined BNN (now known as BNNVARA), a Dutch public broadcasting association, in 2007, where he hosted the travel show "Try Before You Die". His work on "Try Before You Die" led to the creation of his own travel show, "3 op Reis", which he co-presented from 2008 to 2017. During his time on "3 op Reis", Storm visited over 70 countries and territories, sharing his experiences and adventures with viewers.

In addition to his work on travel shows, Storm co-hosted the science show "Proefkonijnen" from 2011 to 2017. The show involved the hosts testing various stunts, experiments, and myths to see if they were possible or true. Storm and his co-host, Valerio Zeno, won the Dutch Television Award for Best Presenters in 2013 for their work on "Proefkonijnen".

Storm has also appeared in several films and television series, including "Feuten", "Flikken Maastricht", and "Pak van mijn Hart". He also wrote a book called "Weg Ermee", which explores his travels and outdoor adventures.

In his personal life, Storm is a vegan and advocates for animal rights. He also supports various charitable causes, including the Dutch Cancer Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Aside from his career, Dennis Storm is also known for his appearance in the Dutch version of "Celebrity Splash!", where he won the competition by performing a high dive from a 10-meter platform. He also co-founded a sustainable clothing line called "Kuyichi x TMO", which uses organic and recycled fabrics. In 2019, he announced his retirement from television in order to focus on his family and personal life, but continues to be an advocate for sustainable living and animal rights. Dennis Storm is highly regarded in the Netherlands for his contributions to Dutch television and his adventurous spirit, which has inspired many to travel and explore the world.

In addition to his work on television, Dennis Storm is also an entrepreneur. He co-founded a sustainable clothing line called Kuyichi x TMO, which focuses on using organic and recycled fabrics. The clothing line was created in response to the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment. Storm has used his platform to promote sustainable living, and encourages others to make a difference in whatever way they can. He has also been involved with various environmental organizations, such as Plastic Whale and the Rainforest Alliance, in order to promote the importance of conservation and protecting the planet. Storm's commitment to promoting sustainability has made him a role model and respected figure in the Netherlands. His passion for adventure and his desire to make a positive impact on the world have made him beloved by many of his fans.

Jon Karthaus

Jon Karthaus (February 9, 1985 Utrecht-) is a Dutch actor and film director.

He started his career as an actor in various Dutch television shows and films, including the popular soap opera "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden". In 2015, Karthaus made his directorial debut with the film "Homies", which received critical acclaim and earned him Best Director nominations at the Netherlands Film Festival and the Brussels Film Festival.

Karthaus is also a well-known personality on social media, with a large following on Instagram and YouTube. He often shares personal and behind-the-scenes moments from his life as an actor and director, as well as comedic sketches and parodies.

In 2019, Karthaus directed the romantic comedy "Verliefd op Cuba", which was a box office success in the Netherlands. He is currently working on his next film project, "Onze Jongens in Miami", set to be released in 2021.

Apart from his career in acting and directing, Jon Karthaus is also a writer and producer. He has written for several television shows, including the Dutch comedy series "Samen Single". Karthaus has also produced various films, such as "Het Verlangen" and "Onze Jongens". He is known for his ability to create unique characters and storylines that resonate with audiences.

Karthaus has been praised for his contributions to the Dutch film industry, particularly for his efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity. He has spoken openly about the need for more diverse representation in the industry and actively works to create opportunities for underrepresented groups. In 2018, he was awarded the Talent Award by the Dutch Directors Guild for his outstanding contributions to Dutch cinema.

In addition to his professional work, Karthaus is also actively involved in charitable organizations. He has supported various causes, including LGBTQ+ rights and mental health awareness.

Jon Karthaus continues to be one of the most versatile and talented personalities in the Dutch entertainment industry. His work both in front of and behind the camera continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.

Jon Karthaus was born and raised in Utrecht, Netherlands. His interest in acting began at a young age and he started taking theater classes while still in school. After completing his studies, Karthaus landed his first acting role in the Dutch television series "Costa!". He went on to act in several other popular shows, including "Onderweg naar Morgen" and "Flikken Maastricht". However, it was his role as Mike Brandt in "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden" that brought him mainstream fame.

Apart from his work in television, Karthaus has also acted in several films. One of his notable performances was in the Dutch horror film "Sint" (Saint), where he played the lead role.

Karthaus' directorial debut, "Homies", was a breakthrough success. The film, which he also wrote and produced, tells the story of four friends in Amsterdam who form a rap group. The film was critically acclaimed for its fresh and authentic take on urban culture in the Netherlands. It was also a commercial success, grossing over two million euros at the box office.

"Verliefd op Cuba", Jon Karthaus' second directorial venture was also well-received. The romantic comedy follows a group of Dutch tourists as they fall in love while on vacation in Cuba. The film was praised for its stunning cinematography and heartwarming portrayal of cross-cultural relationships.

Jon Karthaus is currently married to Dutch actress Carolien Spoor, with whom he has two children.

Karthaus' passion for filmmaking began at an early age. He started making short films and videos with his friends using his father's camera. This early experimentation sparked a lifelong love of filmmaking and storytelling. Karthaus went on to study at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam, where he honed his skills as a filmmaker.After graduating, Karthaus worked as an assistant director and writer for several films and television shows. He gained valuable experience on set and learned from some of the best minds in the industry.It was during this time that Karthaus decided to pursue his dreams of directing. He began writing the script for "Homies," drawing from his own experiences growing up in Amsterdam. The film was a passion project for Karthaus, and he poured all of his energy and creativity into making it a success. His hard work paid off, and the film quickly became a sensation in the Netherlands.Karthaus' success as a director has made him one of the most sought-after filmmakers in the country. He is known for his unique vision and ability to tell stories that resonate with audiences. Karthaus is a true artist at heart, and he continues to push the boundaries of filmmaking with every project he takes on.

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