Dutch actors who deceased at age 61

Here are 1 famous actors from Netherlands died at 61:

Adolphe Engers

Adolphe Engers (June 20, 1884 Gulpen-December 8, 1945 The Hague) was a Dutch actor.

Engers began his acting career in 1904 and performed on stage for several years before transitioning to the film industry in 1913. He appeared in over 70 films between 1913 and 1942, working with renowned Dutch directors such as Maurits Binger and Joris Ivens.

Engers was known for his versatile acting skills and played a wide range of roles throughout his career. He starred in several successful comedies, dramas, and historical films and was particularly admired for his performances in historical dramas such as "De Tijdgeest" and "De Geuzen".

Aside from his acting work, Engers was also involved with the Dutch film industry as a writer, director, and producer. He founded his own production company in 1922 and produced several successful films throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

Engers' career was cut short by the outbreak of World War II, and he was forced to retire from acting due to difficulties in obtaining work. He died in 1945, just months after the end of the war, at the age of 61.

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