Dutch actors who deceased in 1978

Here are 1 famous actors from Netherlands died in 1978:

Ernst Winar

Ernst Winar (September 3, 1894 Leiden-June 28, 1978 Leiden) also known as Wilhelm Joseph Carl von Eichhoff, Joseph Carl von Eichhoff or Joseph Wilhelm Carl von Eichhof-Winar was a Dutch film director, actor, film editor and screenwriter.

He was born to a German father and Dutch mother in Leiden, the Netherlands. He started his career in the Dutch film industry during the silent film era, working as an actor and film editor. He eventually transitioned to directing and writing screenplays, becoming one of the most prominent directors in the country.

Winar's films were known for their experimental techniques, and he was known for pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable in Dutch cinema. He was also known for his use of natural lighting and his attention to detail in set design.

Despite his success, Winar never achieved the international acclaim of some of his contemporaries. He continued to work in the Dutch film industry until his death in 1978, leaving behind a legacy of innovative and pioneering work.

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