Dutch actresses who were born in 1949

Here are 5 famous actresses from Netherlands were born in 1949:

Kika Mol

Kika Mol (January 28, 1949 The Hague-) is a Dutch actor.

Kika Mol began acting in the late 1960s with the Haagse Comedie theater company. She soon transitioned to film and television, becoming one of the most recognizable faces in Dutch cinema during the 1970s and 1980s. Mol is known for her roles in films such as "Lieve Jongens" and "Van de Koele Meren des Doods" as well as popular television series such as "Medisch Centrum West" and "Onderweg naar Morgen". In addition to her acting career, Mol is also known for her work as a voice actress, providing Dutch dubbing for numerous films, including "E.T. the Extra Terrestrial" and "The Lion King". Mol continues to work in the Dutch film and television industry, with recent roles in the TV series "Flikken Rotterdam" and the film "Niemand in de Stad".

Kika Mol has had a lengthy career in the Dutch entertainment industry, spanning over five decades. In addition to her work as an actor and voice actress, she has also worked as a presenter and host for several television programs. Mol has won numerous awards for her work, including the Golden Calf for Best Supporting Actress in 1988 for her role in "Van Geluk Gesproken".

Beyond her professional career, Mol is also active in social and charitable causes. She has been involved in various organizations that provide support and assistance for children with disabilities, and is a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. In 2014, Mol was awarded an Honorary Medal for Arts and Culture by the city of The Hague for her contributions to Dutch culture.

Mol has also been open about her personal life, having been married to fellow actor Ton van Duinhoven until his death in 2010. She has two children from a previous marriage.

Maeve van der Steen

Maeve van der Steen (July 17, 1949 Hilversum-) also known as Deirdre Maeve van der Steen is a Dutch actor and singer.

She began her career in the 1960s as a singer, performing in folk clubs and coffeehouses across Europe. Van der Steen gained recognition in the Netherlands in the 1970s through her appearances on various television shows and films. She received critical acclaim for her role in the film "Ciske de Rat," which won numerous awards. In addition to her acting career, van der Steen has also released several albums throughout her career, earning her a loyal following in her native country. She continues to perform today, both as a musician and as an actor.

Maeve van der Steen was born to Irish parents in Hilversum, Netherlands, and grew up bilingual. Her father was a musician and her mother an opera singer. Van der Steen showed an early interest in music and began taking singing lessons as a child. In her teens, she started performing at local clubs, bars and festivals in the Netherlands and soon gained regional fame.

In addition to her music, van der Steen also pursued acting at an early age, attending drama school in Amsterdam. She made her first film appearance in 1971, playing a lead role in the Dutch comedy "Mama is Boos." This was followed by several other notable film roles, such as in "Soldaat van Oranje" and "De Witte Waan."

Van der Steen's acting career took off after she landed the female lead in the 1984 film "Ciske de Rat." Her portrayal of the vulnerable mother of a neglected and abused child was widely acclaimed and earned her a Golden Calf award for Best Actress. She continued to act in films and TV shows throughout the 1980s and 1990s, often playing strong, emotionally complex characters.

Van der Steen remained active as a musician throughout her career and released several albums showcasing her versatile voice and range. Her musical style encompasses elements of folk, jazz and pop, as well as traditional Irish songs. She has also collaborated with various Dutch artists and musicians, including Boudewijn de Groot and Maria van der Hoeven.

Today, van der Steen is regarded as one of the most respected and versatile performers in the Netherlands. Her impact on the Dutch cultural landscape has been praised by critics and fellow artists alike. Despite her success, she remains grounded and actively involved in charitable causes.

Astrid Nijgh

Astrid Nijgh (April 16, 1949 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Astrid Nijgh-De Backer or Nijgh, Astrid is a Dutch actor.

Astrid Nijgh is not a Dutch actor, but rather a Dutch singer and songwriter. She started her music career in the 1960s and gained popularity for her hit song "Ik doe wat ik doe" in 1973. Nijgh was also a member of the folk group, Bots, which was popular in the Netherlands during the 1970s. Over the years, Nijgh continued to release music as a solo artist and collaborate with other musicians. In addition to her singing career, she has also worked as a voice actress, notably providing the voice of Lucy van Pelt in the Dutch dub of the film A Boy Named Charlie Brown.

Nijgh has had a long and successful music career, releasing numerous albums and singles in various genres including pop, folk, and chanson. Her music has won critical acclaim and she has received several awards for her contributions to Dutch music. In addition to her own songs, she has also written songs for other artists, including her former husband, Lennaert Nijgh, who was a well-known Dutch lyricist. Nijgh continues to perform and record music to this day, and is considered a respected figure in Dutch music.

Titus Muizelaar

Titus Muizelaar (May 8, 1949 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch actor.

He is best known for his work in theater, particularly in productions of the Netherlands Theatre Institute and the Zuidelijk Toneel Globe. Muizelaar has also worked extensively in film and television, with notable roles in "Karakter" (1997), for which he won a Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival, and "Cloaca" (2003). He has received numerous nominations and awards for his work in theater and film, including a Tony Award nomination for his performance in the Broadway production of "The Pillowman" (2005). In addition to his acting career, Muizelaar has also taught acting and directed productions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Muizelaar began his acting career in the 1970s, performing in various experimental and avant-garde theater productions. He gained national recognition in the 1980s for his performances in productions by the Netherlands Theatre Institute, including "De val van de goden" (The Fall of the Gods) and "Hamlet". He continued to work in theater throughout the 1990s, notably with the Zuidelijk Toneel Globe and the Ro Theater.

In addition to his film work in "Karakter" and "Cloaca", Muizelaar has also appeared in several Dutch television series, such as "Oud Geld" (Old Money) and "Grijpstra & De Gier". He has also lent his voice to several audiobook productions.

Throughout his career, Muizelaar has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations for his acting, including the Dutch equivalent of the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in "Angels in America" at the Theatercompagnie (1998). He has also been named a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion for his contributions to Dutch culture.

Muizelaar is also known for his activism and advocacy work. He has spoken out about human rights issues, such as the treatment of refugees in the Netherlands, and has lent his support to environmental causes.

Carry Slee

Carry Slee (July 1, 1949 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Carolina Sofia Slee is a Dutch screenwriter and actor.

Carry Slee is best known for her children and young adult novels that have sold over 5 million copies in the Netherlands alone. Her books deal with serious issues faced by young people such as bullying, divorce, and drugs. In addition to writing, she has also acted in a few Dutch films and television series. Slee has won numerous awards for her contributions to literature and children's literature in the Netherlands. She continues to write and publish new work, with her latest book released in 2020.

Carry Slee started her career as a teacher and worked as a counselor for teenagers before becoming a full-time writer in 1989. Her first book "Razend" was published in 1999 and subsequently adapted into a film in 2011. The success of her debut novel led to her becoming a prolific writer of children's and young adult fiction. Many of her books have been adapted into television series and films for young audiences in the Netherlands. Apart from writing books, Slee has also written songs and stage plays for children.

In addition to her career as a writer, Carry Slee is involved in charitable work, particularly for the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund, which supports families with sick children. She is also an advocate for literacy and education and has been involved in several initiatives to promote reading among children and young adults. Carry Slee's contributions to Dutch literature have earned her the honor of being appointed Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau by the Dutch government.

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