Dutch actresses who were born in 1974

Here are 5 famous actresses from Netherlands were born in 1974:

Kim van Kooten

Kim van Kooten (January 26, 1974 Purmerend-) is a Dutch actor and screenwriter. She has two children, Roman Derwig and Kee Molly Derwig.

Tooske Ragas

Tooske Ragas (June 3, 1974 Zwolle-) a.k.a. Antonia Grietje Ragas-Breugem, Breugem, Tooske, Antonia Grietje Breugem, Tooske Ragas-Breugem, Tooske Breugem or Tooske is a Dutch actor and presenter. Her children are called Helena Antonia Ragas, Feline Hanneke Grietje Ragas and Catharina Maria Catoo Ragas.

Inge Hornstra

Inge Hornstra (May 21, 1974 Netherlands-) otherwise known as Inge Honstra is a Dutch actor. Her children are called Summer and Javi.

Femke Lakerveld

Femke Lakerveld (September 16, 1974 Hoorn-) also known as Femke de Brouwer or Femke van Lakerveld is a Dutch actor.

Lies Visschedijk

Lies Visschedijk (January 14, 1974 Heel, Netherlands-) also known as Elisabeth Suzan Ceciel Marijke Visschedijk is a Dutch actor.

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