Dutch actresses who deceased at age 61

Here are 1 famous actresses from Netherlands died at 61:

Will van Kralingen

Will van Kralingen (October 1, 1951 Nijmegen-November 9, 2012 Amsterdam) was a Dutch actor.

Van Kralingen made her debut in 1980 with the role of Agaath in the film "Spetters" by director Paul Verhoeven. She was also known for her stage work, and won the Best Actress award at the Dutch Theatre Festival in 1993 for her role in the play "Tantalus" by Joost Schwartze. Van Kralingen appeared in numerous films and TV shows throughout her career, including the Dutch TV series "Vrouwenvleugel", which was popular in the 1990s. She was also a voiceover artist, lending her voice to several documentaries and Dutch versions of foreign films.

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