Dutch actresses who deceased in 1957

Here are 1 famous actresses from Netherlands died in 1957:

Caroline van Dommelen

Caroline van Dommelen (November 9, 1874 Rotterdam-March 4, 1957 Amsterdam) also known as Caroline Christina Charlotte Dommelen, Caro Heye or Caroline Dommelen was a Dutch actor, film director, journalist, screenwriter, politician and author.

She began her career as an actor in the early 1900s, performing on stage and in silent films. She later became a film director, making several films between 1916 and 1925. In addition to her work in the film industry, van Dommelen was an active journalist, writing for several publications including Het Volk and De Notenkraker.

Van Dommelen was also involved in politics, serving as a member of the Dutch Social Democratic Workers' Party. She wrote and published numerous books, including memoirs about her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated film industry.

Throughout her life, van Dommelen was a vocal advocate for women's rights and played an important role in the feminist movement of the early 20th century. She broke down barriers in the film industry and paved the way for future female directors and filmmakers. Today, she is remembered as a trailblazer in Dutch film and an inspiration to women around the world.

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