Dutch musicians who were born in 1948

Here are 14 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1948:

Thijs van Leer

Thijs van Leer (March 31, 1948 Amsterdam-) also known as Thys van Leer or Leer, van, Thijs is a Dutch organist, flutist and composer.

His albums include The beste of, Bach for a new Age, Introspection 4, Introspection 92, Introspection, I Hate Myself (for Loving You), Musica per la Notte di Natale, Bolero, Introspection 3 and Introspection 2. Genres: Progressive rock, Jazz and Neoclassicism.

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Pim Fortuyn

Pim Fortuyn (February 19, 1948 Driehuis-May 6, 2002 Hilversum) a.k.a. Wilhelmus Simon Petrus Fortuyn was a Dutch politician, professor and author.

His most well known albums: .

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Hilbrand Nawijn

Hilbrand Nawijn (August 8, 1948 Kampen, Overijssel-) a.k.a. Hilbrand Pier Anne Nawijn or Nawijn, Hilbrand is a Dutch politician, lawyer and civil servant.

His albums: Hey, jumpen.

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Hans Theessink

Hans Theessink (April 5, 1948 Enschede-) otherwise known as Hans Theesink or Theessink, Hans is a Dutch , .

Related albums: Call Me, Baby Wants to Boogie, Journey On, Lifeline, Songs From the Southland, Titanic, Slow Train, Johnny & The Devil, Crazy Moon and Visions.

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Romy Haag

Romy Haag (January 1, 1948 Scheveningen-) is a Dutch actor, singer and dancer.

Genres: Pop music.

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Beeb Birtles

Beeb Birtles (November 28, 1948 Amsterdam-) also known as Birtles, Beeb, Gerard Bertelkamp, BB or BB Eyes is a Dutch , .

His discography includes: Driven By Dreams, Full Circle (Live) and The Last Romance. Genres: Pop music, Soft rock, Pop rock and Folk rock.

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Henny Vrienten

Henny Vrienten (July 27, 1948 Hilvarenbeek-) also known as Hennie Vrienten or Henricus C.J. Vrienten is a Dutch actor, film score composer, composer, singer-songwriter and bassist. He has four children, Xander Vrienten, Teun Vrienten, Polle Vrienten and Meke Vrienten.

Discography: Mijn hart slaapt nooit, The Discovery of Heaven, Nacht, Geen Ballade, Ciske de Rat: De Musical, Left Luggage and En Toch.... Genres he performed: Film score and Ska.

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Ernst Jansz

Ernst Jansz (May 24, 1948 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Jansz, Ernst or Ernst Gideon Jansz is a Dutch record producer, author, musician and singer. He has two children, Joch Maat and Luna Maat.

His albums include , and .

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Wally Tax

Wally Tax (February 14, 1948 Netherlands-April 10, 2005) also known as Wladimir Tax or Tax, Wally was a Dutch , .

His albums include Bridges Are Burning, Wally Tax, Tax Tonight and Let's Dance.

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Barry Hay

Barry Hay (August 16, 1948 Faizabad-) otherwise known as Barry Andrew Hay or Hay, Barry is a Dutch singer.

His discography includes: Only Parrots, Frogs & Angels, Victory of Bad Taste and The Big Band Theory. Genres: Rock music, Heavy metal and Pop music.

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Piet Souer

Piet Souer (March 29, 1948 Eindhoven-) also known as Piet Souer or Souer, Piet is a Dutch , .

Genres related to him: Pop music and Classical music.

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George Kooymans

George Kooymans (March 11, 1948 The Hague-) also known as Kooymans, George or George Jan Kooymans is a Dutch , .

His albums: Solo, Jojo and On Location.

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Cesar Zuiderwijk

Cesar Zuiderwijk (July 18, 1948 The Hague-) also known as Cornelis Johannes Zuiderwijk or Zuiderwijk, Cesar is a Dutch drummer.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Polle Eduard

Polle Eduard (December 2, 1948 Delft-) is a Dutch singer, musician, lyricist and composer.

Eduard first gained popularity in the 1970s with his band, "Polle Eduard & his Electric Kids," known for their rock and roll sound. He went solo in the 1980s and continued to produce music in various genres such as pop, blues, and country. In addition to his successful music career, Eduard has also been a judge on the Dutch talent show "The Voice Senior" since 2018. He is considered one of the most influential and respected musicians in the Dutch music industry.

Throughout his career, Polle Eduard has released various hit albums, including "Girl", "Too Much Sweet Champagne", and "Here Comes That Train Again". Some of his most popular songs include "Ik wil jou", "De bokser", and "Oeh, Wat Een Jaar". In addition to his music and television work, Eduard has also acted in various Dutch television series, including "Medisch Centrum West" and "Diamant". He has also composed music for several Dutch films and theater productions. Eduard continues to tour and perform, both as a solo artist and with his former bandmates. He is a beloved figure in the Dutch music scene and has inspired many aspiring musicians with his talent and dedication.

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