Dutch musicians who were born in 1970

Here are 13 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1970:

Danny de Munk

Danny de Munk (February 19, 1970 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Danny de Munck, Munk, de, Danny or Dennis de Munk is a Dutch actor and singer. His children are Bo de Munk and Davy de Munk.

Discography: De hits van, Hart en ziel, Dit is mijn leven and .

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Ron van den Beuken

Ron van den Beuken (April 10, 1970 Horst, Limburg-) a.k.a. Ron van den Bauken, Ron Von Den Beuken, Ron Vanden Beuken, Ron van der Beuken, Ron Van De Beuken, DJ Ron Van Den Beuken, The Mystery, Mystery, Delerious, Ron Van Den Beuren or Shane is a Dutch record producer and disc jockey.

Related albums: Timeless 2009, Timeless, Sunset, All I Ever Wanted (Devolution), Mystery: The Remixes, C'Est Musique, TheDemo, Version 2, , and Her Tears (Namira). Genres: Trance music and Dance music.

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Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee (September 4, 1970 CuraƧao-) a.k.a. Daisy Rollocks, Dee, Daisy, Daisy D or Daisty Dee is a Dutch singer.

Discography: Open Sesame, Somebody Real, Crazy 96" and Just Jump. Genres: Eurodance and Techno.

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Karen Mulder

Karen Mulder (June 1, 1970 Vlaardingen-) also known as Mulder, Karen or Karen Muldere is a Dutch model, fashion model and supermodel.

Her albums: I Am What I Am.

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Michel van der Aa

Michel van der Aa (March 10, 1970 Oss-) also known as Aa, Michel van der is a Dutch , .

His most well known albums: Spaces of Blank / Mask / Imprint. Genres: Opera and Contemporary classical music.

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Erik Hulzebosch

Erik Hulzebosch (June 17, 1970 Ane, Overijssel-) also known as Eric Hulzebosch is a Dutch singer.

His albums: Zwart ijs, Hulzebosch, Hulzebosch (feat. Fokko Met De Bordjes) and Foie, Foie, Foie.

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Amber (May 9, 1970 Ubbergen-) a.k.a. Marie Claire Cremers or Marie-Claire Cremers is a Dutch singer, singer-songwriter and record producer.

Her albums include Voodoo Remixes, The Need to Be Naked, The Hits Remixed, One More Night, Above the Clouds, Yes, Just Like That, My Kind of World, Naked and Remixed. Genres she performed include Pop rock, Hi-NRG, Adult contemporary music, House music, Electronica, Eurodance, Urban contemporary, Dance-pop, Electronic dance music and Contemporary R&B.

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Erik van der Luijt

Erik van der Luijt (August 22, 1970 The Hague-) is a Dutch bandleader, composer and jazz pianist.

His most well known albums: Express Yourself.

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Eva-Maria Westbroek

Eva-Maria Westbroek (April 26, 1970 Belfast-) is a Dutch , .

Her albums: Twilight of the Gods: The Ultimate Wagner Ring Collection.

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Esther Hart

Esther Hart (June 3, 1970 Epe-) otherwise known as Esther Katinka Hartkamp is a Dutch singer.

Her albums include Straight From the Hart. Genres: Pop music.

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Marian van de Wal

Marian van de Wal (January 21, 1970 Vianen-) otherwise known as Wal, Marian van de or Marian Van de Wal is a Dutch singer.

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Wibi Soerjadi

Wibi Soerjadi (March 2, 1970 Leiden-) otherwise known as Wibisono Augustinus Soerjadi or Soerjadi, Wibi is a Dutch pianist.

His albums include Another touch of Romance, Gladiator, Pieces of a Dream, A Touch of Romance: Romantic Piano Masterpieces (feat. piano: Wibi Soerjadi), Dolce e Passione, Dance of Devotion, Live at Carnegie Hall and Wibi Soerjadi plays Chopin.

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Charles Deenen

Charles Deenen (January 15, 1970 Holthees-) is a Dutch composer and sound designer.

Genres: Video game music.

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