Dutch musicians who were born in 1976

Here are 11 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1976:

Carice van Houten

Carice van Houten (September 5, 1976 Leiderdorp-) also known as Carice Anouk van Houten is a Dutch actor and singer.

Her discography includes: See You On The Ice and Black Book.

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Sipke Jan Bousema

Sipke Jan Bousema (August 15, 1976 Dokkum-) is a Dutch actor.

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Flip Kowlier

Flip Kowlier (November 10, 1976 Izegem-) also known as Filip Cauwelier is a Dutch singer.

His albums include Ocharme ik, In De Fik, Welgemeende, De man van 31, , What's This?, , and .

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Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren (December 25, 1976 Leiden-) a.k.a. Armin van Burren, Armin Van Buren, Armand van Burren, Arminvan Buuren, Gaia, Hyperdrive Inc., Armania, Gimmick, Problem Boy, Rising Star, Armin Van Buuren presents Rising Star, Armin, Perpetuous Dreamer, Armin Van Buuren presents Perpetuos Dreamer, Armin's Perpetuous Dreamer, Armin Van Buuren Pres. Perpetuous Dreamer, Armin van Buuren presents Perpetuous Dreamer, Armin van Buuren Presents: Perpetuous Dreamer, Armin Van Buuren & Perpetuous Dreamer, Perpetuous Dreamer (Armin van Buuren), Buuren, van, Armin, Gig, Perpetous Dreamer, Darkstar or Dark star armin is a Dutch disc jockey, record producer, composer, songwriter, musician, pianist and remixer. He has two children, Fenna van Buuren and Remy van Buuren.

His discography includes: Boundaries of Imagination, Armin van Buuren 001: A State of Trance, Armin van Buuren 002: Basic Instinct, Armin van Buuren 004: Transparance, Sunburn, A State of Trance 2004, Universal Religion 2004: Live From Armada at Ibiza, Blue Fear 2004, Burned With Desire and Shivers / Birth of an Angel. Genres: Trance music, Electronica, Progressive house, Uplifting trance, Vocal trance, House music, Neo-trance and Electro house.

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Udo Mechels

Udo Mechels (May 10, 1976 Brussels-) also known as Udo is a Dutch singer.

His albums include .

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Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke (October 22, 1976 Manila-) otherwise known as Luke van Scheppingen or Scheppingen, Luke van is a Dutch disc jockey and record producer.

Related albums: My G*O*D - Guns On Demo, Get Dumb, Natural Disaster, Be, Otherwize Then, Speak Up (The Remixes), Double O / M-See, Till Tonight, We Can Not Get Enough and Timebomb. Genres he performed: House music, Dance music, Electro house and Progressive house.

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Maaike Aarts

Maaike Aarts (March 10, 1976 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Aarts, Maaike is a Dutch , .

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Ruud Jolie

Ruud Jolie (April 19, 1976 Tilburg-) also known as Jolie, Ruud Adrianus or Ruud Adrianus Jolie is a Dutch musician and guitarist.

His discography includes: For All We Know. Genres related to him: Symphonic metal, Symphonic rock and Progressive metal.

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Ana Popović

Ana Popović (May 13, 1976 Belgrade-) also known as Ana Popovic or Popovic, Ana is a Dutch singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Her albums: Hush!, Comfort to the Soul, ANA! Live in Amsterdam, Still Making History, Unconditional, Can You Stand The Heat, Blind for Love and An Evening at Trasimeno Lake: Live From the Heart of Italy. Genres: Blues, Blues rock, Serbian rock, Jazz, Soul music, Rhythm and blues and Funk.

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Nikos Vertis

Nikos Vertis (August 21, 1976 Gorinchem-) is a Dutch singer.

His albums include Protaseis, Eimai Mazi Sou, Ola Einai Edo, Mono Gia Sena, Pos Pernao Ta Vradia Mou Monos, Pame Psihi Mou, Poli Apotoma Vradiazei, Pes To Mou Ksana and Oneiro Alithino. Genres related to him: Pop music and Laïko.

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Richard Durand

Richard Durand (April 5, 1976 Amsterdam-) also known as Durand, Richard is a Dutch disc jockey and record producer.

His discography includes: Always the Sun, In Search of Sunrise 8: South Africa, In Search of Sunrise 10: Australia, In Search of Sunrise 9: India, Richard Durand Versus the World: South America, Paint the Sky, In Search of Sunrise 11: Las Vegas, Run to You, Richard Durand Versus the World: Asia / Australia and Wide Awake. Genres he performed include Trance music.

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