Dutch music stars who deceased at age 67

Here are 20 famous musicians from Netherlands died at 67:

Willem Einthoven

Willem Einthoven (May 21, 1860 Semarang-September 29, 1927 Leiden) a.k.a. Dr. Willem Einthoven was a Dutch physician and physiologist.

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Jan ten Brink

Jan ten Brink (June 15, 1834 Appingedam-July 18, 1901 Leiden) was a Dutch writer.

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Ita Wegman

Ita Wegman (February 22, 1876-March 4, 1943 Arlesheim) also known as Dr. Ita Wegman was a Dutch physician.

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Manus Vrauwdeunt

Manus Vrauwdeunt (April 29, 1915 Rotterdam-June 8, 1982) was a Dutch personality.

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Anton Janson

Anton Janson (January 17, 1620-November 18, 1687 Leipzig) was a Dutch graphic designer.

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Hubert van Es

Hubert van Es (July 6, 1941 Hilversum-May 15, 2009 Hong Kong) was a Dutch photographer and photojournalist.

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Albertus Antonie Nijland

Albertus Antonie Nijland (October 30, 1868-August 18, 1936) was a Dutch astronomer.

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Roepie Kruize

Roepie Kruize (January 18, 1925-February 14, 1992) was a Dutch personality.

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Henry de Nassau, Lord Overkirk

Henry de Nassau, Lord Overkirk (December 16, 1640 The Hague-October 18, 1708 Roeselare) also known as Hendrik Van Nassau-Ouwerkerk was a Dutch personality. He had one child, Henry de Nassau d'Auverquerque, 1st Earl of Grantham.

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Adriaan Pauw

Adriaan Pauw (November 1, 1585 Amsterdam-February 21, 1653) was a Dutch politician.

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Thérèse Schwartze

Thérèse Schwartze (December 20, 1851 Amsterdam-December 23, 1918 Amsterdam) was a Dutch personality.

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Cornelis Janssens van Ceulen

Cornelis Janssens van Ceulen (October 14, 1593 London-August 5, 1661 Utrecht) was a Dutch personality.

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Lieve Geelvinck

Lieve Geelvinck (May 28, 1676 Amsterdam-August 22, 1743) was a Dutch politician.

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Hans Janmaat

Hans Janmaat (November 3, 1934 Nes aan de Amstel-June 9, 2002 The Hague) was a Dutch politician, entrepreneur and teacher.

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L. O. Wenckebach

L. O. Wenckebach (June 16, 1895-November 3, 1962) was a Dutch personality.

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Johann Flemer

Johann Flemer (February 16, 1888 Amsterdam-August 12, 1955 The Hague) was a Dutch personality.

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Louis Bonaparte

Louis Bonaparte (September 2, 1778 Ajaccio-July 25, 1846 Livorno) otherwise known as Luigi Buonaparte was a Dutch personality. His children are called Napoleon III, Napoléon Louis Bonaparte and Napoléon Charles Bonaparte.

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Lieven de Key

Lieven de Key (April 5, 1560 Ghent-July 17, 1627 Haarlem) was a Dutch architect.

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Jan Janssen

Jan Janssen (December 6, 1885 Groningen-May 24, 1953) was a Dutch personality.

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Hans Dijkstal

Hans Dijkstal (February 28, 1943 Port Said-May 9, 2010 Wassenaar) was a Dutch politician, teacher and financial adviser.

He died caused by cancer.

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