Ecuadorean musicians died when they were 60

Here are 2 famous musicians from Ecuador died at 60:

Enrique Gil Gilbert

Enrique Gil Gilbert (July 8, 1912 Guayaquil-February 21, 1973 Guayaquil) was an Ecuadorean personality.

Enrique Gil Gilbert was a prominent writer, journalist, diplomat, and politician. He received his education at Guayaquil's Vicente Rocafuerte School and went on to study law at the University of Guayaquil.

Gil Gilbert was a prolific writer and his works spanned a variety of genres including poetry, essays, novels, and short stories. He was known for his lyrical style and his focus on the themes of love, nature, and the human condition. His most famous work is the novel "El Cristo de la Calle del Olivo" (Christ of Olive Street), which has been translated into multiple languages.

In addition to his literary career, Gil Gilbert was also a diplomat and served as Ecuador's ambassador to Peru and Venezuela. He was also involved in politics and ran for president of Ecuador in 1968 but was not elected.

Gil Gilbert's contribution to Ecuadorian literature and culture has been widely recognized and celebrated. He was awarded the National Prize for Literature in 1935 and the Eugenio Espejo Prize in 1966. He remains an important figure in Ecuadorian literary history.

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Octavio Cordero Palacios

Octavio Cordero Palacios (May 3, 1870 Azuay-December 17, 1930) was an Ecuadorean personality.

He was a lawyer, politician, journalist, and diplomat who served multiple times as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador. Cordero was also an accomplished writer and poet, known for his liberal views and outspokenness on political and social issues. He was a member of the Ecuadorian delegation to the League of Nations from 1929 until his death in 1930. Throughout his career, Cordero advocated for education, free speech, and democracy in Ecuador and was respected for his contributions to the country's cultural and literary heritage.

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