Ecuadorean musicians died when they were 75

Here are 4 famous musicians from Ecuador died at 75:

Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Río

Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Río (November 27, 1893 Guayaquil-October 31, 1969 Guayaquil) a.k.a. Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Rio was an Ecuadorean personality.

He was a lawyer, politician, and served as the President of Ecuador three times. Arroyo del Río was known for being a proponent of liberal economic policies and was instrumental in modernizing the country's infrastructure during his presidency. He was also the founder of the Social Christian Party, one of Ecuador's major political parties. Arroyo del Río's legacy in Ecuador includes the construction of numerous roads, bridges, and buildings, as well as the establishment of social security programs and the development of the country's educational system.

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Jorge Carrera Andrade

Jorge Carrera Andrade (September 18, 1903 Quito-November 7, 1978 Quito) was an Ecuadorean writer and poet.

He was one of the most prominent figures of Ecuadorean literature, known for his contributions to the Modernist and Surrealist movements. In addition to his writing, Andrade was a diplomat and served as Ecuador's ambassador to France and other European countries during the 1950s and 60s. His literary works often drew upon his travels and experiences abroad, as well as his fascination with folklore and indigenous cultures. Andrade was the recipient of numerous literary awards throughout his lifetime, including the National Prize for Culture in Ecuador. His poetry has been translated into several languages and continues to be celebrated by scholars and readers alike.

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Hugo Salazar Tamariz

Hugo Salazar Tamariz (September 2, 1923 Cuenca-April 5, 1999 Guayaquil) was an Ecuadorean personality.

He was a journalist, writer, and politician. Salazar Tamariz started his career in journalism by working in several newspapers, including El Comercio and El Universo. He was also a writer and published several books, including "La rebelión inútil" and "El mundo de Juan Cajas." In addition to his work as a journalist and writer, Salazar Tamariz was involved in politics and served as a congressman and senator for the Christian Democrat Party. He also made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency of Ecuador in 1992. Salazar Tamariz is remembered for his contribution to journalism and literature in Ecuador, as well as his long-standing service to the country in politics.

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Rosa Borja de Ycaza

Rosa Borja de Ycaza (July 30, 1889 Guayaquil-December 22, 1964 Guayaquil) was an Ecuadorean personality.

She was a renowned philanthropist, feminist and cultural promoter, considered one of the most important women in Ecuador's history. Rosa Borja founded the House of Ecuadorian Culture in Guayaquil and was the first female member of the National Academy of History of Ecuador. She also helped establish the Women's University of Guayaquil, which later became the University of Guayaquil. In addition to her cultural and educational work, she was committed to improving the conditions of the less fortunate in her country, actively supporting various social programs and welfare organizations. Her legacy continues to inspire and influence Ecuadorian society to this day.

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